Notes from earlier in 4460/5460

Dec 10: We NEED your feedback. Please submit your feedback on this class. Use the following forms: in PDF or DOCx. It can be anonymous or named.

Nov 23: Great work class keep it up. We're in the final push. Note that in addition to readings being posted for week 14 of class, there are now instructions for student presentations for week 15 / finals week.

Nov 12: Drafts of your Project are due by noon Nov 17. Submit on D2L, and then review your teammates' submissions for the Nov 19 class.
While submitting a draft is optional at this point, you must submit a draft either this weekor after break (by Dec 5). If you do NOT wish your draft to be shared with your team on NB, indicate that in your submission on D2L.

Nov 6: On power and priviledge in higher edcuation -- One view from higher education to consider --- thanks to Christine L!

"What is all this skepticism [from Norwegian academics]? At times I've felt like too many of my dear colleagues would say that we could of course accept foreign students, but then they have to do things our way -- they should show substantial independence in negotiating bureaucracy; find their own housing; behave appropriately in class; don't ask many questions; don't be coming by my office all the time; and so on."

Oct 20 PM:

We will be doing a workshop in class one week from today. You will be uploading (or have uploaded materials from your project - default is your proposal). If you wish to update your project for review, do so on D2L (Final Project Folder). You will review, in groups of 3, and in class work through the following form.

Oct 2 PM:

Great work folks. More info for class posted tomorrow, but more of a description about the outline for the final project is now posted.

17 Sept PM:
Hi folks.. keep up th egreat work.. we've sorted out CLASS challenges.. please take the survey here.

12 Sept AM:
There seem to be technical difficulties with our CLASS -survey (for later in week 4) link.. I"ll sort this out and then reopen the link.. thanks for your understanding: )

11 Sept AM:

Excellent work in and out oc class, folks. Keep up the good work. Next week, its time to begin to think abou Final Projects. Let us know if you have questions about these or about Fieldsite work.

Aug 25 AM:
Great first day of class folks ... we're really pleased to see such a breadth of folks in the course. It will be an excellent semester. Please don't stress too much about sorting out all the fieldwork (or even the workload). There's plenty of information here but also lots of time for us to make sense of it. As always, if you have concerns or questions let us know. See you on Thursday.

We're thrilled about class today!
Don't forget to fill out to accept your inviation to NB (our online discussion board) and to fill-out and bring your student information form for class today, please.


From Aug 19:
Welcome! This is a spectacular class and we're looking forward to working with you. Loads of information is on this site. Please review and let us know if you have any questions. Class meets in ATLAS 1b31 -- that's one floor down from Pekoe in the ATLAS building in the south east corner. Feel free to email us / discuss qeustions or concerns. We are very excited about this semster! We have a great group of students, and these are *fascinating* times for thinking about PER, and physics & STEM eduction

A great quote to ponder as we begin:

Nobody thinks clearly, no matter what they pretend. Thinking’s a dizzy business, a matter of catching as many of those foggy glimpses as you can and fitting them together the best you can. That’s why people hang on so tight to their opinions; because, compared to the haphazard way in which they’re arrived at, even the goofiest opinion seems wonderfully clear, sane, and self-evident. And if you let it get away from you, then you’ve got to dive back into that foggy muddle to wrangle yourself out another to take its place. --- Dashiell Hammett

Perhaps.. just maybe.. we'll be able to develop a scholarship around thinking (and learning) physics in this course. . .

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