4460/5460 Schedule
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Week of:

Tues PER Readings

Thurs Pedagogy

1) 8/24

Introduction: State of Affairs

Redish, Teaching Physics (TP), Chapter 1 (p5-15)

Introduction to PER I (overview of PER and failure of traditional instruction)

Mcdermott: How we teach...
Pod Cast: Physicists Seek To Lose The Lecture As Teaching Tool
AJP Melzter Resource Letter (Skim)
Grads: Beichner Introduction to PER. or Mestre/Docktor Summary of DBER in physics

Complete: FMCE and statement of teaching philosophy
identify Preliminary field-sites

2) 8/31

Cognition I: Constructivism
1) Redish (TP): Chap 2: : pp 17- 31 and 40-43(half way through page 43); [and Redish Redish (TP) Chap 1 if you haven't read it yet]

2) Posner, et al: Accomodation of Scientific Conception...
undergrads: read first 4 pp and then skim rest
grads read all

3) diSessa, Changing Minds Chapter 5

Grads: DiSessa, Coherence versus fragmentation (Only Intro required)

Grads def optional: Toward an Epistemology of Physics

Peer Instruction
Kinematics & 1-D Vectors
:Knight or Dubson: Chap 2& beginning of 3
Five easy lessons: page 71-80 (on NB).

Mazur:Peer Instruction: Engaging Students One-on-One, All At Once
undergrads: pg 1-22, then skim 22-end
Grads: read all

Redish TP: 124-34

3) 9/7

Cognition II : Knowledge in Pieces and Situated Knowledge

TP: Chap 2 29-45; (or to end of chapt 2)

Brown, Collins, Duguid: Situated Cogntion

grads: Sfard On Two Metaphors.

optional Grads: Papert.

optional Finkelstein: context in the context ..

More methods to supplement Lecture Based Teaching: JiTT and ILD’s  
Vectors, & 2-D kinematics-Vectors, & 2-D: Dubson Ch 3 or Knight: 3 parts of Chap 6

Read Knight Five Easy Lesson page 81-94 (on NB).

Redish Ch. 7 skim pg 124-134, read pg. 134-141

Browse: http://jittdl.physics.iupui.edu/jitt/
Browse: http://www.physics.umd.edu/perg/ILD.htm

4) 9/14

Content-based / Misconceptions Based research:

McDermott, and Shaffer, “Research as a guide for curriculum development: an example from introductory electricity Parts I & Part II” AJP 60(11), (1992), 994-1013

Grads: Pepper, et al, Observations on student difficulties with mathematics in upper-division electricity and magnetism, PRST: (2012)

Optional: Nyguen & Meltzer, Initial understanding of vector concepts among students in introductory physics courses AJP (2003).

Identify Preliminary course project

Washington Tutorials
Forces / Newtons Laws: Knight Chap 4; Dubson 4&5

Read Knight Five Easy Lesson page 95-106 (on NB).

Tutorials In Intro Physics, Instructor Guide, vii-xi, 13-14

Tutorial in Physics, Forces, (download / familiarize.)

Grads Finkelstein/Pollock, Replicating ...PRST PER (2005),(UG Skim)

Two online surveys CLASS and Belonging.
Identify Preliminary course project

5) 9/21

Yom kippur (No class; inidivudal or group meetings with Dancy if you schedule with her in advance.)

Interactive Sims: PhET

Dynamics & Forces & N3:
Read Knight Five Easy Lesson N3

PhET Sims, Videos, and practice w simulators

Grads: When learning about the real world...

6) 9/28

Hidden Curriculum: Attitudes & beliefs:

Hammer: Student resources for learning intro physics
Redish: chap 3 (pp 51 – 62)
grad: Hammer,Resources Framing Transfer.

Open Source Tutorials;
Redish TP: 152-156
Elby: Helping Students Learn about learning.
CLASS papers (optional): Sayre-PRST-PER (2015), Perkins PERC (2010).

Work and Energy
Knight Energy p129-137


7) 10/5

Assessment & Evaluation

Redish Teaching Physics Chs 4&5
Blooms Taxonomy Readings, Anderson

grads: Hake, 6000 student survey... FCI (1998)
or Ding, L., BEMA (E/M) [2006]
or Wilcox, Multiple Choice v. Free Reponse (2014).

Outline of project due

Alternative Problems: Estimation, Ranking Tasks, TIPERS, backward problems, etc.

Conservation of Energy, Gravity

A.Aarons Chapter 5, Teaching Physics [skim]


8) 10/12

Metacognition: Thinking about Thinking[Franklin]

Redish: TP: chap 3 (pp 62 – 68)
Metacognition: Schoenfeld: What’s all the fuss…


Survey of course/ next steps

Metacogitive Curricula (RIT materials & Elby Pairs)

Momentum, Collisions - review your own texts

grads: Elby pairs; (optional)

9) 10/19

More hidden curriculum --- Goals of education and PER
Sanjoy Mahajan: PER: Or it’s so hard to find good help these days

Fish_Why we built the ivory tower

Larabee: Public Goods, Private Goods: The American Struggle Over Educational Goals [UG Skim for goals; Gr: Read]

Apporaches to Broader Goals:

Rotational Motion

Benezet, The Teaching of Arithmetic: The Story of an experiment

Review of alternative school sites.

Grads: Gray & Chanoff: Democratic Schooling



10) 10/26

Workshop on Projects

Pbysics of Everyday Thinking and Physics by Inquiry curriculum (non-majors' courses)...

Angular Momentum

Review of Knight, PET, and PBI

11) 11/2

Incusion Diversity Access
Schiebinger, Has Feminism Changed Science
Steele, Stereotype Threat
McIntosh,White Privilege
Grads: Kost, Miyake, & Hazari,

S.A. Bridge Program & COMPASS Project - Christine Lindstrom; Corbo, Dounas-Frazer, Reinholz

Static Equilibrium, Torque

12) 11/9

Experimentation in Physics,

E-CLASS / new lab approaches {Benthany/ Noah]

Isle Etkina / VanHeuvelin
Zwickl Modeling
Zwickl /Wilcox: eCLASS
Dounas-Fraser- Toubleshooting




Studio/SCALE-UP/ Modeling Physics


Redish TP: Ch 9: 170-180

Beichner: Scaleup



13) 11/16

International Perspectives
Optional Readings on TIMSS, PISA, and the Bologna processes

(project draft due - a minimum of one draft is due before the final (here or by Dec 5))

Project Review Workshop..

review classmates' materials on NB

14) 11/23



(gobble gobble – No Class)

15) 11/30

Educational Transformation Sustaining /Scaling

Theories of change, experiments in change and studies of physics education transformations.

Henderson, Dancy, Finkelstein, Beach, Chasteen, Pollock and others ...

Sustaining and Scaling in practice. what do we do?

considering practical approaches at various scales.

16) 12/ 07


(project second draft due (optional if you have a previous version submitted)- Dec 5, 5p)



17) 12/ 15

Final Exam Period: Tues Dec 15, 7:30p
Presentations for those wanting to present pending availability

Final Projects Due Tues noon.