Useful Documents

This page provides links to manuals for laboratory equipment, some mathematical and theory tools, and data sheets for some of the components that we'll use in labs or projects.

Lab Equipment Manuals/Instructions

Agilent 33120A Function Generator
Tektronix PS280 User Manual
Tektronix 3014 Scope Users Manual
Tektronix 3014 Scope Programming Manual
e*Scope.exe file to build TDS3014B communications webpage
e*Scope instructions for TDS3014B communications.
Fluke 77 meter
Fluke 177 meter
Metrologic 45-545a Laser Power Meter
SR510 Lock-in (large file)
SR510 Lock-in amplifier instructions

Programms for Lab 10 / Arduino:

"starter_sketch" (for copy and paste into Ardiuno sketch)
"not_so_starter_sketch" for programming your chips (if you wish to build from ours )

Some useful Tutoirals on which ours is based:
Some simple exploration project ideas for Step 4of the lab

Components and Parts

ATmega328P Microcontroller (on the Arduino boards)
2N3904 Transistor
2N4416A JFET
Siliconix Intro to FETs
Siliconix FET biasing
LF356 Op-amp (for labs 4 and 5)
PD204-6C-L3 Photodiode
CEP1110 Piezo Buzzer
16F676 Microcontroller (large file)
Microchip x14 Architecture
Microchip x14 Instructions
IRF710PBF transistor Specs (for Lab 8)

Some math, definitions, and useful papers

Photopic Standard Luminosity Function
Math Review(complex numbers)

Johnson (1928) (on campus)
Nyquist (1928) (on campus)