Hints / Useful Mathematica Tutorials

Trouble Shooting No really, this will solve 90% of your problems in the lab.
Using the Department of Physics Scanners
Getting data off the TDS3014B Scopes and Getting data off the Rigol Scopes
SR510 Lock-in amplifier instructions

Some useful items on Mathematica data plotting and analysis

    1. LSA#1: Mathematica 1. Required Week 1. Using Mathematica as a calculator, reading data sets into tables, plotting data, etc.
    2. LSA #2: Mathematica 2. Required Week 2. Using Mathematica for plotting and fitting your data sets to theory.
    3. Ben Zwickl's Mathematica notebook for plotting data NOW.
    4. Plotting data with error bars. Log plotting with error bars is covered in the next example:
    5. Using Mathematica to fit your data. Also here is the data file used by the notebook (courtesy of Brian McDonald!).
    6. Ploting data and theory together with Mathematica in your Lab Reports.