Lecture Schedule & MidTerm Info

Physics 3330 has twice per week lectures -- Tuesday and Thursday at 1-1:50 am in Duane G-125.
Topics and notes that will be for each lecture.

Lecture notes are available on D2L

Tuesday Thursday
Aug 26: Introduction Aug 28: Kirchoff's laws, voltage dividers, phasors
Sep 2: AC circuits, transfer functions Sep 4: RC and LCR filters, Bode plots
Sep 9: Op Amps and Feeback I Sep 11: Op Amps & Feedback ][(non inverting)
Sep 16: Op Amps and Feeback III (inverting) Sep 18: Op Amps IV (applications)
Sep 23:diodes Sep 25: transimpedance amplifiers
Sep 30:transisotrs (BJT) 1 Oct 2: Transistor BJT 2


MidTerm Information

There will be a midterm exam given in class Oct 28. (There will be 1.5 hrs given).
The midterm will cover material seen in lectures and labs through analog section of the course (Lab 8).

We will advise about the specifics, but there will be review opportunities and there is more information in the syllabus.