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Welcome to the Home Page of Debra Biasca, instructor of scientific writing courses for the Department of Physics.  

I teach an undergrad scientific writing course in the Fall semester, which is open to all upper division students of Physics, Engineering Physics, and any other upper division student who has met the lower division Core writing requirement.  Students of the physical sciences can benefit from this course.

In the Spring semester, I teach the grad-level course called Topics in Scientific Writing, which is open to grad students in any department.  This course, however, is most beneficial for students who have completed most (or all) of their coursework and who have done research of their own that they are ready to write about.  It is also very beneficial for students who are ready to write their  Comps II paper for the Physics Department's PhD requirements (or similar requirement for other departments).

The course is helpful for native English speakers as well as non-native English speakers who want to write about their own work or who want to write a review of the work of others in their field.


What are students saying about my courses?

Here are a few of their comments

Thanks a lot for teaching us this wonderful course. I am sure whatever I have learned will be helpful throughout my life.

Thanks again for a wonderful semester! My toolbox for writing is much fuller!

Debra Biasca