Topics in Scientific Writing:  For All Grad Students in the Physical Sciences Physics, Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Chemistry, Environmental Architecture, Computer Science, Astrophysics, Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Linguistics

Do these apply to you? Are you a grad student in one of the physical sciences?
  Will you complete an interesting research project soon and be ready to write about it? 
  Suffer from Writer's Block from time to time? 
  Looking for strategies to move beyond Writer's block?
  Want to write clear, concise reports about your work and your field?
           What the course covers
Use research-based strategies designed to help you overcome writer's block while improving your scientific writing
Students choose a research topic within their discipline
Work to define a narrow research problem
Write a report that describes the work according to the conventions in their discipline
Document types discussed include journal articles, reports, dissertation chapters, Comps II papers (Physics), funding proposals
           Course Description
Teaches strategies used in scientific writing with an emphasis on problem statement, audience analysis, and principles of sound argument; reviews and reinforces essential writing skills, stressing the need for careful and strategic revision; provides experience in writing for academic and professional audiences in a style appropriate to the sciences; also stresses principles and strategies for effective oral presentations.


Need Help with presentations?
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Students also design and present effective oral presentations about their research.