Physics 2130:General Physics 3

Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics
MWF 12:00p-12:50p

Duane G1B20


Professor Noah Finkelstein
F1021 Gamow Tower

Charles Baily
F1017 Gamow Tower




Announcements: (Dec 10, 2010)

Week 15:
(Dec 10): Lots of info about the final posted.. more to come ... see CU Learn for the inclass practice exam (see exams tab).
(Dec 7): Remember Final projects due on Friday. Last HW (due Tues dec 7) online...

Week 14:
(Dec 1) : Hi folks.. last HW posted.. and last participation.. both on CU Learn.. Due Next Tues Midnight.

Total course scores through week 12 (break) are posted on CU Learn. Note that these include DROPS of the lowest HW score (though HW 13 has not been turned in yet) and dropping your lowest midterm.. and dropping 3 days participation and a reading quiz. It does NOT include your final project, final exam, last hw, last 2 weeks of participation. These will be added / factored in... Note these are not going to be evenly weighted. See course syllabus for weighting of different compoenents of the course.
If there are any errors please notify me ASAP.

(Nov 28). Welcome back folks. Hope you had a good break.
This week we will be posting total course scores for you to review
Also note there will be a reading quiz Wed or Fri as per our discussion in clas on Friday 11/19
We will be excited to see drafts of your papers if you get them to us by this Friday 12/3
Note final essays are due online on Dec 10.

Week 13:(Nov 18) Excellent job on the exam pholks... solutions posted on CU Learn along with scores.
Please note that you must have your final essay topics approved if they're not on the current list.
Info on final essay project located here

Week 12: Keep up the good work.
(Nov 12): Outline of final essay project located here

Also see loads of information about the mid-term #3 on the exams tab.

(Nov 8): Exciting week planned folks... be sure to focus on HW. Note the HW will be short this week in preparation for next week's exam. Keep an eye here for more info!

Week 11: Boo!
Nov 1: Lots of feedback posted.. including a CHANGE IN READING QUIZ assessment.. now in class.. see calendar.
Lots of useful sims posted for the HW etc.

(Oct 31): Homwork 10 Long Answers - Due on Wed before class.. Note the 1st half of the Tutorial solutions are posted on CU Learn.. Use these to help you with the Long Anwer - the 2nd half.

Week 10:
(Oct 27): Great work folks... Note updated Scores for total HW (thru HW8 and extra credit participation) now on CU Learn
Friday's class (10/29)... wll be held in the Tutorial Bays.. G2B77 (see notes from class 28 for directions!)


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Office hours and contact information:

Dr. Noah Finkelstein:

    Office hours: Mondays 2-3p help room; Ths 1:30-2:30p office
    Office: F1021 Gamow Tower

    Phone: 303.735 - 6082

Charles Baily:
__Office hours: Mon 2-5p Help Room, Tues 2-5p Help Room
    And by appointment
    Office: F1017 Gamow Tower

Graduate Graders:   
Yi-Ping Huang, Yu Ye, Xiao Yin 

Learning Assistants:
Sam Milton
Danny Rehn

Important dates:

Aug 23: First day of class
Sept 1, 5:00 pm: Deadline to add a course without instructor's signature

Sept 6, Labor Day, no classes (or help session)

Sept 8 , 5:00 pm: Deadline to drop a course without instructor's signature

Sept 10 , 5:00 pm: Deadline to add a course without petitioning your Dean

Sept 21 , 7:30-9:00 pm: MidTerm 1,
Oct 1 , last day to move final if you have 3 or more same day

Oct 6 , 5:00 pm: Deadline to drop a course without petitioning your Dean
Oct 19 , 7:30-9:00 pm: MidTerm 2,
Nov 16 , 7:30-9:00 pm: MidTerm 3
Nov 22-24 : Spring break, no classes
Dec 10 : Last day of classes

Dec 15 , Final 1:30p-4p; Location TBD

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