Physics 1120 Spring 2011

Calculus-based Introductory Physics II
(Electricity and Magnetism)

Professor Alysia Marino (Lecturer)
Professor Thomas Schibli (Course coordinator – recitations, HWs, etc.)

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Weekly Calendar

CAPA sets are due every Friday by 10pm.

If you enrolled in this class after January 6, then (and only then!) you will have to create a CAPA account first. Do that right away. You can to that here.

Capa solutions are posted at CULearn

Prelectures: You will have to complete online pre-lectures typically twice a week. You can find an up-to-date schedule when you log-on to the pre-lecutres site.

If you enrolled in this class after January 6th, then (and only then!) you need to e-mail Prof. Schibli right away. He will need your 9 -digit student ID and your IdentiKey.

 Tutorial HWs  are due every Tuesday at the beginning of your recitation section.

Old exams
will be made available at CULearn


Course Information


Physics Help Room Hours

(Please go to Help Room hours staffed by an 1120 Instructor, TA, or LA)

Tutorial Information
(Times, Locations, TAs and LAs)

Also read the Tutorial FAQ

Pre-Lecture Information

Exam info

Exam 1 (2/8/2011):

The Exam 1 scores are on CULearn. The average was 76 and the median was 80.

Exam 2 (3/8/2011):

The Exam 2 scores are on CULearn. The average was 64 and the median was 65.

Exam 3 (4/12/2011):

The Exam 3 scores are on CULearn. The average was 73 and the median was 75.

Final Exam:

The final exam had an average of 75 and a median of 77:

Please note that the score on CUlearn already includes your extracredit score (up to 2 points were added for creative applications of Farady's law.)

Old exams and exam solutions will be made available at CULearn


Tutors and Course Help

Physics Help Room. You will be more likely to get a significant amount of time with a TA or LA if you go early in the week (away from CAPA due dates!)

Tutor-for-hire list For this you need to

use a University IP, or login via the

CU-VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Free tutoring is available to all engineering students. 

Student Academic Services

Interactive Physics simulations (including the circuit simulations that you saw in class)

Some suggested guidelines about how to e-mail your professor.

email: Professor Alysia Marino or Professor Thomas Schibli

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