Physics 1120, General Physics 2: Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics

Instructors: Steven Pollock and Victor Gurarie

In 1960 Frank Drake used this 25-meter radio telescope at Green Bank, West Virginia, to carry out Project Ozma, the world's first systematic search for alien radio transmissions. If we ever discover an extraterrestrial civilization, it will almost certainly be by detecting electromagnetic waves. Check out the SETI Institute to learn more.

Week 13 Highlights:

Lectures this week on Inductors, AC, and Maxwell's Equations. (This will lead us to the topic of Electromagnetic waves, the subject of the picture above, and next week's classes)


Catch up! That means all of Ch. 33 , plus 35.1 and pp 1135-1136. (Those are all "old assignments", except 33.6 and 9 which we skipped before, but will cover now.) The new assignment for this week will be 34.3-5.

Special notes:

Some Haiku (by C.J. Chiara)
Like grumpy old men,
inductors tend to oppose 
any current change

Teaching  r x F 
Puzzled class does not know what
I'm torquing about
And, from one of the students in our class (Carrie W.) this response:
It's Saturday night
And like a magnetic field
I will do no work
(Can you do better? Email me your own!)

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