PHYS1120, General Physics 2: Electricity, Magnetism, & Optics
Instructors: Steven Pollock and Victor Gurarie

Tesla picture

Nikola Tesla doing homework at a quiet spot in his Colorado Springs laboratory

Week 1 Highlights:
Welcome to Physics 2!
First lecture is Mon Aug 27, 2006 in Duane Physics G-1B20.
Recitation sections will meet Tuesday the first week of classes.

The first CAPA homework is due by the end of this Friday Aug 31 (It's mostly review of 1110) See below for login notes. (The syllabus also tells you more about the CAPA system and how it works.)

Reading for the first week:
Chapter 25 of your text (Knight) on electric charge and electric fields.

Please fill in the following survey: CLASS survey for 1120
(This is worth participation credit). If you choose not to participate, that's ok - go to the link, and merely fill in your name and ID before submitting. But we really appreciate your taking the time to take the survey - it's helpful for us to improve this course!)

Special notes:

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