We have an active Physics Education Research group here at CU. Everything we do in this course is designed to improve your learning experience, and help you get as much as possible out of the course! We appreciate your feedback - email, or just visit Steve Pollock and/or Murray Holland any time.

Just FYI, here is a graph of how 1110 students did on a standardized exam (the "FCI", or "force concept inventory") in a recent semester at CU.

This kind of gain is almost unprecedented - certainly for large classes like ours. (I haven't seen any published gains this high in a class of over 500 students in the physics education literature). If you're interested in more details about studies of this kind, I recommend you look at this AJP article by Richard Hake In particular, see Fig 2 (on p. 6) to see just how high our average gain of .62 (median of .67) stands in comparison to other courses across the country. (More info here )