PHYS 1110 Fall 2017

General Physics I

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Physics Help Room Hours- click here

(the space is open and staffed 9AM-5PM Mon-Fri)


Details: The Physics Help Room (Duane G2B90) is in the basement, below the lecture hall. It is a great place to get assistance with homework, or get general coursequestions answered. It can be crowded (especially the night homework is due), but that means it's very likely you will find fellow students (even if the TAs are a little busy.)
Times when specific TAs will be in the Help Room are posted in the link above, but you can drop by anytime.

Prof. Dubson, Prof. Price and the TAs and LAs will have regular office hours in the Help Room (Duane G2B90)

If you want more individual attention from a TA/LA/instructor, chose a time a bit away from a homework deadline.
If you need to see your TA or instructor privately, contact them directly. Email information is on our Staff Gallery

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