Phys 1010: Useful Simulations

These are all available directly from the PhET website: or the Physics 2000 website

Weeks 14-15:

Wave on a String: make a wave... standing or porpoagating
Sound / Speakers: make and measure sound waves (use for HW 10)
Waves of all kinds: light, sound, water
E/M Radiation: make your own light! build a radio station
more on waves and sound

Atoms: build your atom!
Models of the atom: how do we know what's in an atom
Neon Lamps: see how neon lamps work
Lasers: build your own laser!
more sims on light

Weeks 7-11:

Atoms: build your atom!
electric field hockey: push and pull using charges and score goals!
charges and fields: measure voltage from various charges
balloons: discover why balloons stick to your sweater
circuit construction kit: build your own electric circuits

E/M Radiation: make your own light! build a radio station
Waves and Interference:
discover the difference between water, sound and light!
Black Body Radiation:
how is light made?
Color Vision:
how do we see/ interpret light?
GreenHouse Effect:
how does the green house effect work? why does the earth warm?
and more simulations about light!

Weeks 4-6:

Ramp 1-d: expand your notion of motion forces friction and energy s! (still with Robots!)
Energy Skate Park: examine different forms of energy, kinetic, potential, and thermal!
Advance Energy Skate park (for HOMEWORK!)
Fluids and Water towers: see how water towers work, and learn about fluid pressure
Atoms: build your atom!
Alpha Decay from atoms: See how atoms decay
Nuclear energy / Fision: build your own reactor!
more Energy sims from PhET

Weeks 1-3:

Moving man: how can we describe motion (position, velocity, acceleration) and plot these versus time
Projectile Motion: 2-d motion (not required but fun) describing motion in two dimensions
Forces 1-D: how do forces relate to motion --- featuring the Robot Moving company!
Ramp 1-d: expand your notion of motion and forces to include ramps! (still with Robots!)
Lunar Landar: well not required but here you can apply your understanding of motion to land on the moon!
Friction:: see where friction comes from, and why things get hot!
Lunar Landar: see how scales work, what springs would look like on the moon .. measure mystery weights!
or just visit the PhET website and browse the sims on motion