Physics 1010: Phys of Everyday Life

Fall 2012

Professor Noah Finkelstein
F1021 Gamow Tower
303 735 6082

Classroom:   Duane G1b30
11:00-12:15 Tuesdays/Thursdays



review review review


Announcements (Dec 10)

Great job on the semester folks. Review all week.

More review questions than you can shake a stick at, see lecture notes 29

Info on final Tues 12/18: 1:30p to be posted on exam reviews

Eyes to the web -- we're in the last stretch.

Be sure to visit the great simulations that we've got on this section of the course

Note there are LOADS of resources for you for this course:

Class website:
- lecture notes (pre / post)
- link to video of these lectures
- reading assignments, hw assignments, calendar
- simulations
- feedback

- HW solutions (and assignments)
- HW you turned in / scored
- Exam solutions Help Room (me, TA, LAs)

Office Hours / Help Room:
- Mondays 3-5, Thurs 10a before class, 2-5p, and Friday by emailing ben.


Each other
and yes us
.. your faithful instructional team!

prior notes


Prof. Noah Finkelstein (info above)
Office Hours:

Thurs 10a -10:45a am in his office (and then in lecture area for class).
Thurs, 2-3p at Problem Solving Session in help room
Also by appointment or email.

Instructional Team:

TA: Paige Warmker
LAs: Benjamin Simonds, Anna Ptasznik

Important dates:

Aug 28: First day of class
Sep 20: First Mid-term
See syllabus for more dates: add, drop deadlines.

Dec 18, Tues Final 1:30-4p

Other Information:

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns!

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