Notes Archive:

Nov 29:

Great work class... be sure to catch our musical jam in class recently (11/29)
Scores are posted online.. keep up the great work.

Note: see exams tab for optional MidTerm3 Long Answer (Take home)

The people have spoken! Music and Sound is next

Nov 13:

SPECIAL: help room review 2-4p Wed this week .. for Thurs midterm.

Think about what you wish to cover for the last quater of class..Please see the survey for week 11/ end of term on D2L on participation Surveys (extra credit!)

Exam 3 is scheduled Nov 15. See VAST amounts of materials for review.

Nov 4:

Let me know if you have questiosn about class...

be sure to visit the great simulations that we've got on this section of the course

ps- I left you an easter egg (or Halloween treat on this page)

Oct 22

Note there is a new reading schedule and calendar up!

Great job on Exam #2. Solutions posted on D2L. Scores posted on D2L.

Oct 13:

Homework on Bernoulli and Nukes now open / due Monday Midnight

Exam 3 is comign up and info will is posted on the exams tab.

Oct 10:

Note: We're changing the readings for THIS week!! (coveing nukes).

Homework 5 is posted due 10/8 midnight!

Moving on to Energy, Work and Power ... see calendar and assignments

Good job on the midterm folks. Individual scores and solutions on D2L and aggregate performance here.

Sept 18:

Info on the midterm 9/20 is posted.

Please see the review notes from today 9/18 (lecture 7)

Note there are special helproom hours for review this week 9/19, 2:30-4p

Sept 14:

Helproom Hours:

Lectures are available for review online here. [CU Identikey needed!]

HW 3 is now posted in PDF and (CU Learn will be modified, do NOT do the crumplezone problem).

don't forget extracredit feedback fro week 2 on D2L (due by 9/10 midnight)

Keep up the great work folks

More info on the first midterm 9/20 will be psoted soon.... plenty there currently

Sept 10:

HW 2 is due Monday midnight!
Solutions to HW 1 and scores are posted on D2L.

Continue the great feedback -- see responses in the feedback section

Sept 4

Good job on the first weeks, class!

Want more on the Mars Rover Curiosity: check this out

Want more from the tracks demos (which are real?).. check here

Note: HW 1 is posted on D2L and due Tues Midnight (normally will be due on Mon)

Aug 22-28:

Also there will be a reading quiz on Tues, so keep up, see the preclass lecture notes hint hint hint....

Finally, also on D2L is a feedback forum for class... let me know how things are going (with class).

Great to see you in the first day of class folks.

More on the Mars Rover Curiosity here...

Please see lecture notes for preclass notes and full lecture notes from Day 1& 2

Homework in general will be due Mondays midnight (due to your votes!)
HW 1 however, will be Due Tues midnight (Wed 12:01am)

I'm looking forward to class and to a great semester!! Thanks for signing up.

Please review the syllabus which will answer questions about course requirements, assignments, and grading.

Week 1 HW will be posted on D2L by Wed (Due Mondays typically)

(Aug 22): I'm looking forward to class. Thanks for signing up.

Please review the syllabus which will answer questions about course requirements, labs, final project and grading.

Week 1 HW will be posted on D2L by Wed.
NOTE: Desire 2 Learn (D2L) does not automatically grade the essays, so it's point value is incorrect.. see the points assigned by us on the PDF version or on the hw questions themselves.