John Cumalat Portrait

John Cumalat

Department Chair • Professor
Research Interests: Experimental Particle Physics, Charm Physics, Beyond the Standard Model Physics, LHC, particle detector technology and instrumentation I have broad interests in particle physics. I am presently involved in the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider studying the possibility of observing Zprime decays to tau tau. In addition I am involved in generic research involving the use of diamonds as a particle sensor in future experiments in the...
Michael Dubson Portrait

Michael Dubson

Teaching Professor • Associate Chair - Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Physics
Selected Publications: “Faculty Disagreement about the Teaching of Quantum Mechanics”, M. Dubson, S. Goldhaber, S. Pollock, and K. Perkins, PERC Proceedings : Ann Arbor (2009). "Developing and researching PhET simulations for teaching quantum mechanics" , S.B.McKagan, K.Perkins, M.Dubson, C.Malley, S.Reid, R.LeMaster, and C.E.Wieman, Amer. J. Phys. 76 , 406 (2008). "3 or 4 Golden Rules of Lecture", M.Dubson, Phys. Teach. 45 , 252 (2007). "Photon-by-photon post-processing correction of pointing errors...
Tobin Munsat Portrait

Tobin Munsat

Professor • Associate Chair - Graduate Studies
Office: DUAN F827 Research Interests: My research follows several lines of study, including fluctuation measurements in plasmas, the relationship of turbulent quantities to cross-field plasma transport, and the microphysics of dust impacts which drive the dusty plasma equilibria. My diagnostic work on larger devices consists of data analysis and velocimetry analysis from a number of tokamak diagnostic instruments. This work is performed in collaboration with PPPL (NSTX), UC Davis (microwave...
Thomas Schibli Portrait

Thomas Schibli

Associate Professor • Associate Chair - Engineering Physics • EPEN Faculty Advisor (Student's Last Name: M-P) • Adjunct Fellow - JILA
Office Hours: Monday 3:00pm-5:00pm • Office: DUAN F525 • Research Interests: We strive to advance science and technology in the fields of optics and photonics through advanced functional materials, novel laser systems and measurement techniques. Light has played an important role during the development of many topics in modern physics. Atomic, molecular, optical (AMO) physics certainly relies strongly on steady developments in optics and photonics. Also a variety of experiments...
Kirsten Apodaca Portrait

Kirsten Apodaca

Undergraduate Program Manager & Faculty Liaison
Veronica Lingo Portrait

Veronica Lingo

Web/IT/Publications Assistant • Alumni Relations
Physics • Colloquium Staff
Default Placeholder Portrait

Sherry Namburi

Manager - Department Finance and Operations
Assistant to Chair, payroll liaison for Classified Staff, liaison to A & S for Faculty, Parking, P-Card Approver, Department budget and expenditures.
Jeanne Nijhowne Portrait

Jeanne Nijhowne

Graduate Program Assistant
Department contact for the graduate program and graduate faculty appointments.
Chris Pappas Portrait

Chris Pappas

General and Sponsored Project Accounting Professional
Lindsey Romero Portrait

Lindsey Romero

Front Desk Coordinator
Main contact for the physics front office, room calendar scheduling, building proctor, key/swipe card liaison and room access, scheduling for Chair’s appointments, textbook submission and desk copy ordering, colloquium coordinator, Commons and Reading Room rentals, backup for undergraduate program assistant