Kirsten Apodaca Portrait

Kirsten Apodaca

Undergraduate Program Manager & Faculty Liaison
Michael Dubson Portrait

Michael Dubson

Teaching Professor • Associate Chair - Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Physics
Selected Publications: “Faculty Disagreement about the Teaching of Quantum Mechanics”, M. Dubson, S. Goldhaber, S. Pollock, and K. Perkins, PERC Proceedings : Ann Arbor (2009). "Developing and researching PhET simulations for teaching quantum mechanics" , S.B.McKagan, K.Perkins, M.Dubson, C.Malley, S.Reid, R.LeMaster, and C.E.Wieman, Amer. J. Phys. 76 , 406 (2008). "3 or 4 Golden Rules of Lecture", M.Dubson, Phys. Teach. 45 , 252 (2007). "Photon-by-photon post-processing correction of pointing errors...
Noah Finkelstein Portrait

Noah Finkelstein

Professor • Vice Chair • Fellow - Center for Stem Learning • Fellow - Physics Education Research Group
Research Interests: Noah Finkelstein is a Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado Boulder and conducts research is in physics education. He serves as a PI of the Physics Education Research (PER) group at Colorado and is also a co-Director Center for STEM Learning on campus, which has become one of eight national demonstration sites for the Association of American Universities’ (AAU) STEM Education Initiative. He serves as Co-Director...
Veronica Lingo Portrait

Veronica Lingo

Web/IT/Publications Assistant • Alumni Relations
Physics • Colloquium Staff
Tobin Munsat Portrait

Tobin Munsat

Professor • Associate Chair - Graduate Studies
Office: DUAN F827 Research Interests: My research is in the general area of space plasma physics, cosmic dust, and planetary science. My primary work takes place at the Institute for Modeling Plasmas, Atmospheres, and Cosmic DusT (IMPACT, ), where we have several parallel experimental and modeling efforts related to plasma/surface interactions at airless bodies, the evolution of planetary surfaces, the dynamics of cosmic dust, the physics of hypervelocity impacts...
Jeanne Nijhowne Portrait

Jeanne Nijhowne

Graduate Program Assistant
Department contact for the graduate program and graduate faculty appointments.
Michael Ritzwoller Portrait

Michael Ritzwoller

Professor • Chair • Director - Center for Imaging the Earth's Interior (CIEI)
Research Interests: Professor Ritzwoller is an observational seismologist. His early work was mainly in normal mode seismology and helioseismology. Research in the last decade has concentrated on developing methods to focus seismic models derived from surface wave dispersion information to tectonic scales, particularly in the US and China. Recent emphasis has focused on developing methods for exploiting ambient noise and earthquakes in surface wave tomography and combining this information to...
Lindsey Romero Portrait

Lindsey Romero

Front Desk Coordinator
Main contact for the physics front office, room calendar scheduling, building proctor, key/swipe card liaison and room access, scheduling for Chair’s appointments, textbook submission and desk copy ordering, colloquium coordinator, Commons and Reading Room rentals, backup for undergraduate program assistant
Paul Beale Portrait

Paul Beale

Professor • Associate Chair - Alumni Relations
Research Interests: Theoretical Physics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics of condensed matter systems: exact calculations involving the two-dimensional Ising model, solid-liquid transitions in systems of small molecules, thermodynamic integration methods and their applications to equilibrium solids and grain boundary kinetics, phase transitions in systems of particles with soft repulsive interactions, mean-field theories of liquid crystal systems. Selected Publications: "A new class of scalable parallel pseudorandom number generators based on Pohlig-Hellman exponentiation...
Eleanor Hodby Portrait

Eleanor Hodby

Instructor • Associate Chair - Diversity Initiatives • PHYS Faculty Mentor (Student's Last Name: O-R)
Virtual Office Hours: Wednesday 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. • PHYS-BA Mentoring Zoom Link • PHYS-BA Mentoring Form •
Heather Lewandowski Portrait

Heather Lewandowski

Professor • Associate Chair - Engineering Physics • EPEN Faculty Advisor (Student's Last Name: T-Z)
Office Hours: Friday 3:00pm - 5:00pm • Visit Buff Portal Advising for Zoom link • Research Interests: My group studies collisions and reactions of simple cold molecules. Our ultimate goal is to understand the quantum mechanical processes involved in making and breaking a chemical bond. We aim to control the reacting molecules external and internal degrees of freedom in the quantum regime. To accomplish this control, we slow down a...
Default Placeholder Portrait

Sherry Namburi

Manager - Department Finance and Operations
Department budget and expenditures, Staff HR Liaison, Parking Permit Liaison, Assistant to chair.