KT Mahanthappa Portrait
Professor Emeritus

Research Interests:

High Energy Physics - Theoretical

Interested in grand unification theories, fermion mixings and masses including charge fermions and neutrinos.
My main motivation is to reduce the number of parameters needed in the standard model with the inclusion of massive neutrinos. I am pursuing this goal in the framework of grand unification theories with and without supersymmetry combined with a finite group as a family symmetry. In particular the double tetrahedral group (which comes with complex Clebsch-Gordon coefficients) as the family group seem to predict the the CP violating phases in both quark and lepton sectors and also lead to interesting sum rules. At present I am investigating leptogenesis in this framework.

Selected Publications:

  1. "Multiple Photon Production in Quantum Electrodynamics," Phys. Rev. 126, 329 (1962).
  2. "Expectation Value Formalism in Quantum Field Theory I," J. Math. Phys. 4, 1 (1963).
  3. "Expectation Value Formalism in Quantum Field Theory II," J. Math. Phys. 4, 12 (1963).
  4. "CKM and Tri-bimaximal MNS Matrices in a SU(5) x(d)T Model," Phys Ltttrs B, 652, 34 (2007) "Group Theoretical Origin of CP Violation," Phys. Lttrs B, 681, 444 (2009).