If there is a group that is missing from this list or you would like us to change your group’s description, please fill out the R-Cubed issue reporting form.

Department of Physics Groups


  • CU-Prime is a student-led, diversity-focused, and community-oriented organization in the physics department. Their goal is to improve the culture of physics at CU Boulder through equity and inclusion, allyship, and education. 

Equity, Inclusion and Cookies (EIC)

  • EIC is a monthly event series open to all members of the CU physics community. Each event is a 90-minute guided discussion over coffee and cookies about issues relating to equity and inclusion in physics. EIC also offers additional resources to deepen the conversation of equity and inclusion.

Representation, Recruitment and Retention Committee (R-Cubed)

  • R-Cubed is focused on improving representation, recruitment, and retention in the physics department. They lead a genuine community effort involving faculty, post-docs, undergraduate and graduate students, and staff members.

Undergraduate Women in Physics (uWiP)

  • The Undergraduate Women in Physics group is a community of undergraduates that host events designed for undergraduate majors. All genders are welcome!

Women and Gender Minorities in Physics (WaGMi)

  • The Women and Gender Minorities in Physics group is a community of graduate and undergraduate students, post-docs, and faculty working to support the inclusion, participation, and success of women and gender minorities in the physics department at CU and around the world. They host monthly lunch meetings open to all, with workshops/presentations or more informal discussions. 

CU Boulder Campus Resources

Career Services

  • Career Services connects students and alumni to employers worldwide. Career Services is a resource for workshops and career development and can help create a career path that's perfect for you.

Center for Inclusion and Social Change (CISC)

  • CISC’s goal is to support all students in the exploration of all of their identities and to create a welcoming and inclusive space on campus that supports academic and personal growth. They provide community-building programs, numerous educational opportunities for students to learn and teach, and a space for students to become active, informed global citizens by engaging and interacting with individuals from different cultures.

CU Engage

  • CU Engage collaborates with communities, schools, and organizations to address complex public challenges. They facilitate the development of equity-oriented partnerships that sustain engaged learning and mutually beneficial community-based research.

CU LEAD Alliance

Disability Services

  • In collaboration with the university community, Disability Services ensures that students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations and services to participate equally in the academic environment. 

Faculty & Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)

  • The Faculty & Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is dedicated to serving the emotional and psychological needs of the campus community. All FSAP staff are trained as generalist counselors and are equipped to deal with a wide range of personal and work related issues. You must be a CU Boulder employee to use FSAP services, and services are free to all CU Boulder faculty and staff members.

Graduate Teacher Program

  • The Graduate Teacher Program works with departments across campus to provide training in college teaching and professional development for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are pursuing both academic and non-academic positions.

Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement (ODECE)

  • ODECE’s role is to put the values of CU Boulder into practice. They lead by example, partnering with other departments and units across campus to create inclusive and equitable educational opportunities for all students.

Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC)

  • The Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance (OIEC) employs a comprehensive and integrated approach for case resolution, education, assessment, support services, and ADA accommodations to create and foster a safe, inclusive, and accessible campus environment for all members of the CU community.

Office of Victim Assistance (OVA)

  • OVA provides free and confidential information, consultation, support, advocacy and short term counseling services to University of Colorado Boulder students, graduate students, faculty and staff who have experienced a traumatic, disturbing or life disruptive event. OVA is not a part of the police department or the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, and is a confidential resource for students, staff and faculty. 


  • Ombuds serves as a good place to surface, voice, clarify and discuss university-related issues. They help people identify options to resolve disputes, to determine a course of action and to aid in the informal resolution of conflicts and concerns. Ultimately, individuals choose their own path of resolution.

STEM Groups

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

  • The American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES) is a national, nonprofit organization which nurtures the building of community by bridging science and technology with traditional Native values. Through its educational programs, AISES provides opportunities for American Indians and Alaska Natives to pursue studies in science, engineering, and technology arenas. 

CU Boulder Committee on Rights and Compensation (CRC)

  • The CRC is making CU-Boulder a better university by seeking equitable work conditions for graduate employees.

CU Boulder Student Government (CUSG)

  • The University of Colorado Student Government (CUSG) is the official governing body of the nearly 34,000 students at CU Boulder. As the most autonomous Student Government in the nation, CUSG is responsible for allocating $25 million in student fees to improve the lives of all CU students.

CU Cafe

  • CU Café is a collective of diverse STEM trainees that promotes inclusivity and scientific excellence and connects individuals who have a strong commitment to STEM scholarship, racial and ethnic diversity, community building, and mentorship. They value camaraderie, innovation, self-awareness, and self-empowerment, and they aspire to grow as scientists, professionals, and role models.

CU Science, Technology and Astronomy Recruits (CU-STARs)

  • CU-STARs is a University of Colorado program to recruit first-year students from diverse backgrounds to scientific careers. The program is open to all interested students, and they meet biweekly throughout the academic year.

JILA Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)

  • JILA Excellence in Diversity and Inclusivity is a self-nominated group of JILAns focused on advancing effective diversity and inclusivity through education and activities within JILA and collaboratively with the CU community. JEDI includes JILA Fellows, Staff, Students and Postdocs.

McNair Scholars Program

  • The McNair Scholars Program is designed to prepare undergraduate students for doctoral studies through involvement in research and other scholarly activities, increasing graduate degree awards for students from underrepresented segments of society. McNair participants are either first-generation college students with financial need, or members of a group that is traditionally underrepresented in graduate education and have demonstrated strong academic potential.

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

  • Their mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. The CU Chapter provides an opportunity to network and meet other members and to get potential internship/job opportunities at their Fall Regional Conference. 

out in STEM (oSTEM)

  • oSTEM at the University of Colorado Boulder strives to provide networking opportunities, professional development, social proceedings, and safe space for the LGBTQ community belonging to science, technology, engineering, and math fields on campus.

Postdoctoral Association of Colorado (PAC)

  • The Postdoctoral Association of Colorado (PAC) was formed in 2004 to serve the needs of individuals holding postdoctoral positions at the University of Colorado Boulder or in the national labs collaborating on campus research projects. Their goal is to create an environment that fosters professional advancement through programming, support services, and networking opportunities for all Postdocs (and to have a little fun along the way!).

Promoting an Inclusive Community in Astronomy (PICA)

  • PICA is a diversity group primarily run by graduate students with support from faculty members in the Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Department. They dedicate their time to raising awareness of actions that can increase diversity and inclusiveness within the Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Department. They work towards providing a safe space for graduate students to discuss challenges they face in the department as well as in the wider field of STEM.

Partnerships for Informal Science Education in the Community (PISEC) 

  • The Partnerships for Informal Science Education in the Community program facilitates community partnerships with local schools, connecting CU Boulder mentors with primary and high school students, largely those of under-represented minorities (URM), to explore pathways to STEM in an engaging, welcoming environment.

Society of Asian Scientists & Engineers (SASE)

  • SASE is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers in education and employment so that they can achieve their full career potential. Their mission is to: prepare asian heritage scientists and engineers for success in the global business world, celebrate diversity on campuses and in the workplace, and provide opportunities for members to make contributions to their local communities.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

  • CU Boulder SHPE/MAES is a joint student chapter from two national organizations: the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and Latinos in Science and Engineering (MAES). Their mission is to develop a diverse community of supportive CU Boulder students that excel as STEM leaders, contributing community members, and well rounded professionals. 

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

  • At SWE CU Boulder, they are focused on building an inclusive community of strong female engineers and other minorities, while remaining open to all who support these groups in STEM.  Their goal is to establish a secure and substantial support system for the collegiate to professional transition, by giving back through their various outreach programs, furthering opportunities for their members and cultivating a strong network within the CU community.

United Government of Graduate Students (UGGS)

  • The United Government of Graduate Students represents graduate and professional students at the University of Colorado Boulder. They support initiatives that empower graduate and professional students’ ability to pursue their goals. 

Women in Computing (WIC)

  • CU WIC is the ACM-W Chapter within the computer science department at the University of Colorado at Boulder that is dedicated to supporting women and diversity in computing.

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

  • The Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) Group at the University of Colorado Boulder is committed to providing coaching, mentorship and a platform for discussion, networking and support to encourage and inspire women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields throughout their professional careers.

Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics (WOAA)

  • The Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics create a safe and welcoming environment for underrepresented individuals with a passion for space exploration.  We are driven by curiosity, not politics; we believe in advancement for the common good, not the privileged few; and we are relentless in our love for knowledge, for the unknown, and for the future.