David Leibrandt Portrait
Associate Professor Adjoint • JILA Member

Office: 81-1A213, NIST, 325 Broadway St.

Research interests:

My research group focuses on precision measurements and quantum control using trapped ions and quantum information processing techniques, with diverse applications ranging from optical atomic clocks and relativistic geodesy to tests of physics beyond the standard model and exploring the experimental limits of quantum metrology.  One project is to construct optical clocks based on quantum-logic spectroscopy of Al+ ions.  We have recently achieved a record systematic uncertainty below 10-18, and are currently working towards operating the clock with multiple, entangled ions to achieve a stability near the Heisenberg limit.  In another project, we use quantum-logic spectroscopy to prepare pure quantum states of a single CaH+ molecular ion, and perform precision rotational spectroscopy and generate entanglement with an atomic ion using a frequency comb.

Selected publications:

  1. C.W. Chou, C. Kurz, D.B. Hume, P.N. Plessow, D.R. Leibrandt, and D. Leibfried , “Preparation and coherent manipulation of pure quantum states of a single molecular ion”, Nature 545, 203 (2017).
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