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Opportunities at PISEC!

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Volunteer in PISEC program! (See Schedule)

1. Opportunity to teach informal science in after school environments. Includes training and reflection exercises. Some semesters we also offer a 1 credit hour course through the CU Teach program called STEP 1 Informal. The difference between PISEC volunteers and STEP 1 informal students is that the STEP 1 informal students get course credit and do all the course work associated with the class, whereas the volunteers do not.

2. Opportunity to interview grad students for the purpose of developing a presentation that will help young children understand what goes on in the lab. These presentations would be given during lab tours for children several times a semester.

Paid Positions in the PISEC Program!

PISEC fellows are in charge of a site, bring the materials, coordinate volunteers, report back if there are issues. Preference goes to applicants that have participated in PISEC for at least one semester.

Research Opportunities in the PISEC Program!

Undergraduates, graduate students, and post docs are invited to participate in PISEC research in collaboration with the Physics Education Research Group. Participants choose an aspect of the program and do publishable research, which may lead to an undergraduate or graduate thesis.