Taylor's Top Ten Tips for T.A.'s

(Actually, it's fifteen, and slightly edited by Mike Dubson)

1. Never, ever, be late.

2. Come prepared.

3. Never demean students; never show irritation or condescension.  Every question is a good question.

4. Don't be afraid to repeat yourself.

5. Speak clearly and LOUDLY.  (You cannot speak in a normal tone of voice to 30 people in a classroom.  You must "boom" your voice.)

6. Write clearly on the chalkboard.

7. Try to know your students' names.

8. Grade promptly.

9. Accumulate lots of scores with a good spread.

10. Time office hours thoughtfully and encourage attendance.

11. Keep in touch with lectures and course rules.

12. Don't sit in the back grading.

13. Get students involved.  The less you talk, the more they talk, the better the class.

14. Show enthusiasm.

15. Make class enjoyable.