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Please see the PER@CU (Physics Education Research at Colorado) website. (You can find my papers there, for example)

Here is a fairly recent detailed curriculum vita

Below are some documents and links for papers and projects I'm working on in Physics Education research.
These are largely talks: for education research papers go to the PER@CU publications page
(You can find my generic CU home page here. Here is a detailed CV , as of the start of 2012.)

Teaching Resources

General PER Talks and papers

Student engagement in large lectures

During the 2000-'01 academic year, I participated in the Pew/Carnegie teaching scholar's program, which led to a lot of informal (SOTL) work in my classes.

Implementing tutorials, with use of Learning Assistants

Physics 1110/1120 (Calculus based intro sequence at CU) is instituting a completely reformed recitation section starting in Fa '03, based on University of Washington's tutorials . We are supported locally by a CCLI adaptation and implementation grant, PhysTec , and an NSF funded STEM-TP grant . The latter allows us to support undergraduate Learning Assistants who team-teach these tutorials. This involves a weekly Physics Education Seminar (content training), and a separate course in the School of Education for the LA's.

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