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Let's bust some EV myths.


Myth #1: EV's are slow and ugly.

Is this what you think of when someone says electric car?


Think again.

This is the Tesla Roadster. 0-60 in 3.7 sec, 125 mph, 200 miles per charge.

It is 100% electric.


This is Chip Yates' SWIGZ Pro Superbike...winning against gas bikes.

It recently broke a land speed record - 190.6 mph in 1 mile.


I'll just let these video speak for themselves.

This is the White Zombie. A 100% electric Datsun 1200...that eats Corvettes for breakfast.

This is the Killacycle. That rumbling in the background is not the Killacycle.


And just for fun, these are all electric vehicles. Pretty weak, eh?

(The have electric drivetrains. Diesel engines just recharge the batteries.)


Myth #2: EVs don't have enough range.

This is called "range anxiety." Get over it.

Americans drive less than 40 miles per day, on average. On most days, they drive less than 20 miles.

The Nissan Leaf has a range of 100 miles. The Tesla Roadster goes 200 miles.

The truth is, EVs have more than enough range for 90% of the driving done by 90% of drivers.


Myth #3: EVs just transfer the fossil fuels to a coal power plant

Here is a graph showing the "well to wheel" fossil fuel usage for 3 different vehicles.

This is the amount of energy from fossil fuels all the way from the source to actually making the vehicle go.

An electric vehicle uses less than 1/3 the fossil fuels compared to a gas car, even if the electricity is made from coal.


Myth #4: EVs just transfer the emissions to a coal power plant

Here is a graph showing the "well to wheel" CO2 emissions for 3 different vehicles.

An electric vehicle produces less than 1/4 of the CO2 emissions compared to a gas car, even if the electricity is made from coal.

And remember, the more we turn to renewable energy, the better the electric vehicle gets.

This hoo-ha about pollution from EVs is misinformation from the oil companies. It's just not true.


Myth #5: EVs are too expensive

A Nissan Leaf is about $33,000. A Honda Civic is about $15,000.

But it doesn't end at the dealership.

Here's the breakdown of major costs:

  Leaf Civic
Vehicle $33,000 $15,000
Fuel $0.02 / mile $0.12 / mile (at $4.00 / gallon)
100k mile fuel cost $2000 $12,000
Oil change $0 $30 every 3000 miles
100k mile oil changes $0 $1000
Tax credit $7500 $0
Total: $28,500 $28,000

Over 100,000 miles, both vehicles basically cost the same.

This doesn't even include maintenance, which is going to be more on the gas vehicle (electric motors actually have very few moving parts).

It also assumes gas will stay at $4.00 / gal. Keep dreaming.

What about the batteries? Aren't they really expensive? Yes, they are. But the Leaf's batteries are made to last over 10 years.

By the time they need to be replaced, they won't be expensive anymore (and they'll be a lot better too).


Myth #6: EV batteries damage the environment

First of all...more than extracting and burning oil?

Lithium batteries contain no heavy metals or toxic materials. They can legally be dumped in a landfill.

But you don't want to do that, right? Both lead acid and lithium batteries can be recycled.


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