PhysTEC – Teacher Advisor Group Agenda



Introduction to PhysTEC: What is PhysTEC?

         Goals, activities, participants and its relation with STEM-TP

                  explicit program goals:

                            increase number of physics majors going into teaching

                            support reforms in undergrad coursework

                            partner with local schools

                            research these activities

(Many of these goals are same as STEM-TP.  They are coupled; though there are some differences.)

         APS model:  TIR program – beginning year 2.  Full time (4 day) residence

                  More information is at:

         Our model: begin with TAG and Fellows program (to be discussed at end).

                  Reform 1110/1120/1140 – use 4810 – TIR

                  Research effectiveness (grad student)


         future plans-- particularly the years 2 and 3 model of a TIR

Affiliated programs at CU:

         1120 / 1140 reforms


         Phys 4810/7810


         Physics Education Technology


         Physics for Elem. Teachers


         STEM-TP course / activities


         PFPF / LEAP - grad teaching program


Discussion of ways to partner with teachers / partner with schools –

Fellows program.

Visit physics facilities: lecture halls, recitation rooms, 1140 labs.