Colorado PhysTEC

University of Colorado, Physics Teacher Education Coalition


The TAG provides regular communication with a cadre of high school faculty in several surrounding school districts, it enlightens the CU Physics faculty about life in high schools, and it expands the network of concerned physics educators. A critical component of the TAG program is that it serves as a starting point for placing students in productive and engaging K-12 environments. Students get a positive and safe exposure to real pre-college classrooms, while teachers benefit from the added human resources and content expertise of the college students. These TAG teachers have formed the nucleus of school-based contacts for students’ semester projects that are part of the Teaching and Learning Physics class.  In the first semester of the university-high school partnerships with the TAG, we have established placements for students in half a dozen schools, informal science environments (from science outreach workshops to the planetarium), and teacher in-service professional development opportunities

Colorado PhysTEC is pleased to have Roberta Tanner as the CU Teacher in Residence for 2006-2007

Teacher Advisory Group - group list

2006-2007 year:

meeting 3: Apr 24, 2007: speaker Joe Redish (notes), agenda and minutes

meeting 2: Feb 6, 2007:

meeting 1: Oct 10, 2006

2005-06 year:

meeting 4 (Jul, 2006) at the STEM CO/ LA-TEST/ PhysTEC summer workshops

meeting 3 (April 25, 2006) - physics dept, CU Boulder

meeting 2 (Jan 31 2006) - agenda and minutes

meeting 1 (Oct 18, 2005) - agenda and minutes and field notes summary of comments/suggestions survey

2004-05 year:

meeting 1 (Sept 2, 2004) - agenda and minutes

meeting 2 (Dec 9, 2004)- agenda and minutes

meeting 3 (Mar 15, 2005) - agenda and minutes

meeting 4 (June 15, 2005) - agenda and minutes and detailed notes