The Preparing Future Physicists program (formerly Preparing Future Physics Faculty program) augments traditional CU physics grad and postdoctoral student preparation. Typically, grad students and postdocs finish their programs with excellent research skills, but little idea how to teach a class, write a grant, or apply for a job.

PFP has several goals:

  • To create a community where grads and postdocs (and interested faculty) can discuss issues beyond research.
  • To develop a generation of faculty who are aware of recent physics education research that provides insight into the shortcomings and possible improvements in introductory physics courses.
  • To raise awareness of the needs and opportunities at different institutions, since most physics Ph.Ds will end up working outside the research intensive universities (ie, major research schools like CU).
  • To provide training for physics graduates in useful career skills such as conducting a job search and writing grant proposals.

Past Survey Results:

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