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CU Physics

Physics 2020 Laboratory Revisions:
sponsored by the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program and Department of Physics

Laboratories are to be conducted roughly weekly, corresponding to the lecture topic of the week in Physics 2020. Prior to lab each week students are to complete a pre-lab assignment online. A cgi-script archives student responses to questions.

Sample Pre-Labs:
the prelabs serve two main purposes 1) to assess student understanding of material covered the prior week, collect data on student response to the labs and 2) prepare students for the upcoming lab.

Pre-lab 1 (charge)
Pre-lab 2 (potential)
Pre-lab 3 (circuits)

Laboratories: (note that these labs are also being revised currently as we collect data from students enrolled in 2020 Fall 2005)

Lab 1: Electric Charge
Lab 2: Potential / fields (additional plotting materials)
Lab 3: Circuits (Voltage)
Lab 4: Circuits (current)
Lab 5: Magnets
Lab 6: A/C
Lab 7: E/M Waves
Lab 8: Lenses /geometric optics
Lab 9: Diffraction
Lab 10: Spectroscopy
optional 10a; Relativity
optional l0b: Wave nature of matter
optional 10c: Thermodynamics

Makeup Lab: create your own lab lab


2005 CU@Boulder for information contact Tobin Munsat or Noah Finkelstein