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CU Physics

Physics 2020 Laboratory Revisions:
sponsored by the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program and Department of Physics

Instructor Notes:

A thorough Guide Documenting these materials, design, approach and implementation. Materials include approach, sequence, coupled exam questions / design, meeting guidelines for TA's, as well as specific notes for each laboratory -- what should have been covered in lecture prior to lab and what TA's should be aware of for each section.

Teaching Assistant Notes:

Material informing the TA's of their duties, roles, and responsibilities for running these laboratories. A brief discussion of laboratory philosphy, approach to grading materials, and a tentative schedule of the laboratories.


The Pre-Lab assignments include questions which serve as a post-evaluation of student understanding of the prior-week's lab, student evaluation of the laboratory, and pre-lab assessment of student understanding. Additionally, we recommend using the Brief Assessment of Electricity and Magnetism (BEMA)*, which we serve at CU, to measure pre-course and post-course understandign.


* L Ding, R. Chabbay, B. Sherwood, University of North Carolina, Charlotte

2005 CU@Boulder for information contact Tobin Munsat or Noah Finkelstein