PHYS 3221 - Quantum I Tutorials

Schedule – Spring 2010

Here is the schedule for quantum tutorials for the Spring 2010 semester. The links are to the online pretest which should be completed in the few days before the tutorial.

Tutorials are Thursdays from 3 - 3:50PM in G2B60.

11/14/2010 Classical ProbabilityUW
21/21/2010 Wave Functions and ProbabilityCU
31/28/2010 Relating Classical and Quantum MechanicsUW
42/4/2010 Time Dependence in Quantum MechanicsUW
52/11/2010 Energy MeasurementsUW
72/18/2010 Midterm 1 reviewCU
72/25/2010 ScatteringCU
83/4/2010 Energy and the Art of Sketching Wave FunctionsCU
93/11/2010 Treating Functions as VectorsUW - CU hybrid
103/18/2010 Position, Momentum and Energy MeasurementsUW
114/1/2010 Midterm 2 ReviewCU
124/8/2010 Quantum operator methodsCU
134/15/2010 Degenerate StatesUW
144/22/2010 Angular Momentum and SpinCU
154/29/2010 Review post test before finalCU

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