This email is being sent to everyone enrolled in PHYS 3220, Quantum Mechanics I. Welcome to the class! Note our (still in progress) web site is here: I wanted to mention a few things about the class before the semester starts. The executive summary is: 1. Get a clicker 2. If you can, sign up for tutorial 3. SHORT homework is due Wednesday (second day of class!) 4. Lecture notes are online. Here's the long version: 1. In class, we will sometimes pause the lecture to have concept test questions, which you will respond to using iClickers (white Radio Frequency Classroom Response System). These clickers are available at the CU bookstore; you may well have one already. Responding to questions will be worth points in the course. Please obtain one if you don't have it, register it, and bring it to class! The place to register them is: 2. We are offering TUTORIALS as a separate, 1-credit class, PHYS 3221. Tutorials meet at 3-4pm on Thursdays, and involve working through some questions in a small group, assisted by myself and an LA; the questions are not graded. The material in the tutorial is designed to connect with the material learned in class. Although the tutorial is not mandatory, it was very popular this past semester, and students who attended said it was a huge help in learning the material and being ready for exams. I strongly encourage everyone who is able to sign up for tutorials; in my opinion that one hour is worth many hours of studying on your own. 3. There will be a very short problem set, designed to get you back in the swing of things, due NEXT WEDNESDAY, Jan 14. Obviously this is not a full-sized homework, but is designed to review some math and physics you have probably seen before; if you haven't seen it before, this will let you know to be sure to understand it. The problem set is available at the web site. 4. Lecture notes will be posted online to supplement the textbook and lectures. They are not a carbon copy of either (in general they were written by someone different from me) and so can be another resource. The first lecture notes set is already there for you to take a look at; the first week will entail about the first 12 pages. Also take a look at the textbook, Griffiths' Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, and start reading at the beginning; the first week will be secs 1.1-1.3, approximately. More information on the class will be available soon, but I wanted to give you a heads up on these things. See you Monday, Prof. Oliver DeWolfe