Modern Physics Instructor Survey

This is a short survey for instructors who have used ANY of the CU Boulder modern physics course materials. Your vaulable feedback will help us understand where and how these materials are being used, and how they might be improved.

General Information

Note: If you wish to provide feedback anonymously, then skip any parts about identifying information. Regardless, please let us know something about where these course materials are being used.

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Course Materials

What made you decide to use the materials from CU Boulder?

How useful were each of the following materials for planning and implementing your course?

Not very useful
Somewhat useful
Very useful
Did not use
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Course materials website
Course calendar
Clicker questions
Lecture slides
PhET Simulations
Homework problems
Sample exams
Research papers

Which of the above have been the most useful?

Any suggestions for how these materials could be improved?

Other comments?

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