Published: Feb. 8, 2018

The Department of Physics proudly presents the Saturday Physics Series, lectures geared toward high school students and adults to highlight the exciting research and practical potential of physics. 

“Using Physics to Unlock the Secrets of the Brain with Light, the Fastest Thing on Earth!”

By Professor Juliet Gopinath

Abstract: Light is an amazing tool for life as we know it, and be used to unlock the secrets of one of the most complex networks known to man, the human brain.   In 2013, the BRAIN initiative was launched to develop new technologies to explore how the brain's cells and circuits interact and understand the complex links between brain function and behavior. This talk will explore exciting developments in optics and neuroscience that have made advances under the BRAIN initiative possible: lasers and light emitting diodes, used for communications, medicine, industry and science, and optogenetics, with great promise for study, diagnosis, and treatment of neurological disease.

All lectures are free and open to the public and located in Duane Physical Laboratories, room G1B30. Cookies and lemonade will be available after the lecture and talkback.