2013 REU Participants and Projects

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Presenter Name Project Mentor
Bailey Bedford Measuring the Thermopower of the Chiral Helimagnet Cr1/3NbS2 Minhyea Lee
Aaron Dy Miniaturized 3D hydrodynamic focusing for flow cytometry Ralph Jimenez
Vincent Gammill Measuring the Exact Length of a Rubidium Atomic Vapor Cell Steven Cundiff
Allison Hallock Unfolding Forces of NLeC, a Type III Secretion Protease Tom Perkins
Samantha Rubeck Understanding Magnetometry Using Optimally Doped BSCCO Daniel Dessau
Amanda Steinhebel Studies of LBNE Neutrino Flux and Beamline Alysia Marino
Hannah Weaver Creating and Controlling Magnetic Fields to Trap Ultracold Atoms Deborah Jin

2012 REU Participants and Projects

Presenter Name Project Mentor
Audrey Burkart Colloidal Interactions in Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals Ivan Smalyukh
Gustaf Downs Designing a real-time feedback loop for single atom trapping and cooling Cindy Regal
Alicia Gamble Synthesis of Liquid Crystals David Walba
Lisa Goodhew What Representations Teach Us About Student Reasoning Noah Finkelstein
Caroline Hughes Fabricating a Slit Array for Laser-Based Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Daniel Dessau
Katherine McAlpine Spin-Squeezing using the Pound-Drever-Hall Measurement Scheme James Thompson
Rebecca Robinson Dust-Charging Processes in Plasma Environments Mihály Horányi
Aaron Sharpe Transporting Atoms Using a Magnetic Coil Transfer System Deborah Jin
Fehmi Yasin Nano-optical Imaging using Scattering Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy Markus Raschke

2011 REU Participants and Projects

Presenter Name Project Mentor
Charlie Bevis Second Harmonic Generation in the Cuprate Family of High Temperature Superconductors Steven Cundiff
Emily Chavez Studying the Ultrafast Dynamics of the Insulator-Metal Transition in Single Crystal VO2 Markus Raschke
Emily Gehrels Building a Potassium MOT Deborah Jin
Max Grossnickle Study of the Anomalous Hall Effect in MnSi Under Pressure Minhyea Lee
Takako Hirokawa Optical Cavity for the Strontium Lattice Atomic Clock Jun Ye
Danny Rehn Heuristics for Creating Assignments to Incorporate Simulations Noah Finkelstein
Shannon Roberts Saturated absorption spectroscopy of 87Rb: Toward a magnetic trap for cold collision studies Heather Lewandowski
Asher Thoeming The Setup, Design, and Implementation of a Photoluminescence Experiment on Quantum Wells Steven Cundiff

2010 REU Participants and Projects

Presenter Name Project Mentor
Travis Autry Optical Phase Cycling for the JILA Monster Steven Cundiff
Ian Caldwell Towards Studies of Tension Dependence of Quality Factors in Metallic Nanostrings Cindy Regal
Kevin Cox Stable lasers Jun Ye
Kevin Fiedler Supersymmetric Signal Analysis and Mass Measurement at the Parameter Point D Uriel Nauenberg
Laura Gaskins Polymerized Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Network for Nanoporous Membrane Applications Douglas Gin
Eric Geier Fourier Transform Spectrometer for Usein Observational Cosmology Nils Halverson
Andrew Horvath Reorientation of Liquid Crystals due to Photoisomerization of Azo-SAMs Joseph Maclennan
Natalie Krzyzanowski Developing Algorithms for Data Analysis and Sorting in Single Molecule Optical Trap Experiments Thomas Perkins
Amelia Plunk Inkjet printing onto liquid crystal thin films Joseph Maclennan
Sabrina Thompson Fabrication, Surface Modification, and Self-Alignment of Gold Nanorods in Thermotropic Liquid Crystals Ivan Smalyukh
Vladimir Toussaint Matter-based Sagnac Gyroscope Dana Anderson
Rachel Umbel Manipulation of Laser Beam Waist and Homodyne Systems Deborah Jin
Vladimir Zhdankin A Statistical Analysis of Current Sheets in Turbulent MHD Plasma Simulations Dmitri Uzdensky andDan Dessau

2009 REU Participants and Projects

Presenter Name Project Mentor
Paul Ackerman Integrated 3D imaging, trapping, and dynamic particle tracking Ivan Smalyukh
Aaron Allen Towards microwave modulation in a wavelength-tuned magneto-optical trap Dana Anderson
Corinne Beier The Assembly and Alignment of Nanoparticles in Liquid Crystals Ivan Smalyukh
Andrew Davis Dynamic Instability Matt Glaser
James Deininger Experimental Section David Walba
Alex Fout The Role of Contextual Framing: Assessments, Classroom Practice, and Student Perceptions Noah Finkelstein
Diana Gaviria Absorption Imaging of an Ultracold Gas Deborah Jin
Dina Genkina Exploration of a Method to Image an N2 Molecular Orbital Using the ATI Spectrum Andreas Becker
Amit Halevi Construction of a diamond anvil based spectroscopy system for investigation of aromatic interactions under high pressure Mathias Weber
Sharla Hopkins Electro-optic Control of Platelet Colloids in Nematic Liquid Crystals Ivan Smalyukh
Molly Krogstad Doppler-Free Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy of Rubidium Using a Tunable Diode Laser Heather Lewandowski
Joseph Lanska Design of a Prototype Low-Grade Heat Engine Eric Cornell
Angel Martinez Non-Contact Optical Control of Colloidal Architectures Using Molecular Monolayers Ivan Smalyukh
Erin Stranford Tapered Fiber Fabrication Thomas Schibli
Evan Thomas Construction of a Dust Detector for the Colorado Dust Accelerator Tobin Munsat

2008 REU Participants and Projects

Presenter Name Project Mentor
Heather Bankowski Under Represented Middle School Students Learning about States of Matter in Informal Science Summer Camp Noah Finkelstein
David Carlson Lasers & Photons on Demand: Exploring the Atomic Applications of Strontium Murray Holland
Thomas Dorn Liquid Crystal Electromechanical Elastomer: A Strong Future for Smectic A* Molecules David Walba
Eric Eason Shot Noise in Tunneling Junctions Kyle McElroy
Justin Lawson Acoustic Waveguide Measurements John Price
Angel Martinez Alignment of Liquid Crystal Director Fields Using Monolayers Ivan Smalyukh
Steven Moses Building a Microwave Antenna for a Quantum Microscope James Thompson
Zach Newman Construction of a Far-Off Resonance Optical Dipole Trap Eric Cornell andDeborah Jin
Liam O'Sullivan Modelling molecular recognition and aggregation in nano-DNA mesophases Matt Glaser
Adam Pieterick Phase Transition of Liquid Crystals Confined in Sub-Micron Scale Wells Noel Clark
Matt Reagor Phase Transition of Liquid Crystals Confined in Sub-Micron Scale Wells Peter Bender
Taiquitha Robins Centrifugal Separation of dsDNA from an ssDNA Oligomer Mixture Noel Clark
Gabriel Stockdale Orbital Dynamics of the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna Ivan Smalyukh
Carrie Weidner The Swing Spring: A Search for Classical Monodromy Heather Lewandowski

2007 REU Participants and Projects

Presenter Name Project Mentor
Sarah Anderson Realization of classical monodromy; i.e. swinging springs Heather Lewandowski
Daniel Barker AOM Drivers for Atomic Spin Squeezing  
Octavia Crompton Designing a Transformer for Velocity Modulation Spectroscopy Eric Cornell
Nicole Duncan Noise Minimization in Electronic Circuitry Scott Robertson
Jacob Gilman A Search for B0 → ωπ0 William Ford and James Smith
William Johnston Construction and Initial Measurements of an Acoustic Reflectometer John Price
Alex Kitt Graphene Exfoliation Techniques  
Zach Kozick Investigating the Mechanisms Behind Spindle Assembly Zach Smith and Matt Glaser
Andrew Laszlo Thin-Film High Tc Superconductors for Photoemission Studies  
Galan Moody Second Harmonic Generation in Solid-State Materials Alan Bristow andSteven Cundiff
Lauren Nicolaisen Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting Ralph Jimenez
Taiquitha Robins Methodology in Liquid Crystal Extraction from Long DNA via Sonication & Capillary Centrifugation  
Robert Snider Direct Current Quantum Interference Control Steven Cundiff and Jared Wahlstrand
Ben Spaun Robust tunable laser implementing volume holographic grating for atom traps Dana Anderson
Steven Spurgeon Engineering Anisotropic Lyotripic Liquid Crystal Nanoarchitectures  

2006 REU Participants and Projects

Student Project Mentor
Katrina Bossert Cytochrome P450 3A4: The Impossible Protein Ralph Jimenez
Benjamin Brown   Charles Rogers
Turhan Carroll A Study of the Effectiveness of Using P ER-Based Reforms in a Summer Setting Noah Finkelstein
Kyle Douglass Ultrafast Optics: Tools and Techniques Margaret Murnane
Joan Dreiling Construction of a Tunable External Cavity Diode Laser and a Far Off-Resonant Optical Dipole Trap for Ultracold Atoms Carl Wieman
Chris Fink Computational Condensed Matter Physics Matthew Glaser
Onnie Luk A Laser Scattering Diagnostic to Study the Anomalous Flux Dissipation of an FRC Tobin Munsat
Douglas Mason Turning Light Bulbs into Lasers: Photonic Bose-Einstein Condensation Murray Holland
Robert McRae Solitary Waves: A Study of Atomic-Molecular BECs Victor Gurarie
Margot Phelps Laser Frequency Stabilization Deborah Jin
Layra Reza Laser Frequency Stabilization Deborah Jin
Carlos Romero Optical Pumping of NH Heather Lewandowski
Brandon Smith Shot Noise Suppression in an Atomic Point Contact, Part 1 Konrad Lehnert
Rebecca Tucker Many Body Decays Involving Ks: A “Charming” Presentation John Cumalat
Benjamin Zimmerman Shot Noise Suppression in an Atomic Point Contact Konrad Lehnert