Photo of Scott Tilden
Professional Research Assistant

C250A Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building


I am currently studying the disordered C-terminal tails of tubulin. We are specifically interested in how the C-terminal tail interacts with its various binding partners, how its conformational ensemble is determined, and the role that post-translational modifications play in tubulin binding and dynamics. I have specifically focused on creating a reproducible protocol for the purification of large quantities of endogenous tubulin from Tetrahymena thermophila. Using biophysical techniques such as mass spectrometry and NMR, we are characterizing the extent of modification on the purified tubulin. 


BA Biochemistry and Molecular Cellular Developmental Biology, University of Colorado-Boulder, 2014

Previous Publications

J Amat, SD Dolzani, S Tilden, JP Christianson, KH Kubala, K Bartholomay, K Sperr, N Ciancio, LR Watkins, SF Maier. "Previous Ketamine Produces an Enduring Blockade of Neurochemical and Behavioral Effects of Uncontrollable Stress." Journal of Neuroscience 6 January 2016, 36 (1) 153 161; DOI:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.3114-15.2016