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Research/Teaching Assistant


As an undergraduate I conducted research in High Energy Nuclear Experiment and Theory. I started on a project seeking to determine the critical point in the phase transition of the quark gluon plasma made in the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven National Lab. In my senior year I switched to a project that used the AdS/CFT correspondence in String Theory to make a prediction for the mass of quarks in a supersymmetry breaking spacetime manifold.

As a Master's student at Cambridge I worked with the Biological and Soft Systems group of the Cavendish Laboratory developing thin films with a negative index of refraction from nanocrystalline cellulose.

At CU Boulder I am currently working on the Nuclear Pore project in Loren Hough's Lab. We are studying how the mesh of intrinsically disordered proteins which fill the channel of the nuclear pore create a gateway that rapidly transports tagged macromolecules and also restricts the passage of untagged molecules.


  • MASt Physics, University of Cambridge with Merit, 2014
  • BS Physics and Mathematics, Summa Cum Laude, Muhlenberg College, 2013

Honors and Awards

  • Inducted into Sigma Pi Sigma, 2013
  • Inducted into Pi Mu Epsilon, 2013
  • Clifford R. Moyer Memorial Prize in Physics, 2013
  • Wesley S. Mitman Mathematical Prize, 2013
  • Goldwater Honoarable Mention, 2013
  • Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, 2012
  • Robert W. and Edythe M. Mull Award for Excellence in Mathematics, 2012