Schematic of nuclear pore complex

The molecular mechanism of nuclear transport revealed by atomic-scale measurements

Sept. 15, 2015

We used nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to show that FG repeats are highly dynamic IDPs, stabilized by the cellular environment. Fast transport is supported because the rapid dynamics of transport factor-FG interactions.

Thumbnail image from Hough et al 2015 PRL

Layer-Scale Optical Chirality of Liquid-Crystalline Phases

Aug. 31, 2015

L. E. Hough and N. A. Clark (2005). Phys. Rev. Lett . 95 , 107802 DOI: We present a model for the optical chirality of layered liquid-crystalline phases. The model demonstrates that uniform stacking of chiral layers can lead to significant collective optical rotation, even in the absence of...

Thumbnail image from Hough et al. 2015 Nature Methods

Rapid, optimized interactomic screening

May 4, 2015

Zhanna Hakhverdyan, Michal Domanski, Loren E Hough, Asha A Oroskar, Anil R Oroskar, Sarah Keegan, David J Dilworth, Kelly R Molloy, Vadim Sherman, John D Aitchison, David Fenyö, Brian T Chait, Torben Heick Jensen, Michael P Rout, John LaCava (2015). Nature Methods volume12 , pages553–560. DOI: We must reliably...

Thumbnail image from Chen et al. 2012 Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry

Structure of the B4 Liquid Crystal Phase near a Glass Surface

Dec. 8, 2012

Chen, D. , Heberling, M. , Nakata, M. , Hough, L. E., Maclennan, J. E., Glaser, M. A., Korblova, E. , Walba, D. M., Watanabe, J. and Clark, N. A. (2012). ChemPhysChem, 13: 155-159. doi: 10.1002/cphc.201100589 The B4 liquid crystal phase of bent‐core molecules, a smectic phase of helical nanofilaments,...

Thumbnail image from Tetenbaum-Novatt et al 2012 Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

Nucleocytoplasmic Transport: A Role for Nonspecific Competition in Karyopherin-Nucleoporin Interactions

Feb. 22, 2012

Jaclyn Tetenbaum-Novatt, Loren E. Hough, Roxana Mironska, Anna Sophia McKenney and Michael P. Rout (2012). Molecular & Cellular Proteomics February 22, 2012, 11 (5) 31-46. DOI: Nucleocytoplasmic transport occurs through the nuclear pore complex (NPC), which in yeast is a ∼50 MDa complex consisting of ∼30 different proteins. Small...

Thumbnail image from Hough et al. 2009 Science Helical Nanofilament Phases

Helical Nanofilament Phases

July 24, 2009

L. E. Hough, H. T. Jung, D. Krüerke, M. S. Heberling, M. Nakata, C. D. Jones, D. Chen, D. R. Link, J. Zasadzinski, G. Heppke, J. P. Rabe, W. Stocker, E. Körblova, D. M. Walba, M. A. Glaser, N. A. Clark. Science 24 Jul 2009: Vol. 325, Issue 5939, pp...

Thumbnail image from Hough et al. 2009 Science Chiral Isotropic Liquids from Achiral Molecules

Chiral Isotropic Liquids from Achiral Molecules

July 24, 2009

L. E. Hough, M. Spannuth, M. Nakata, D. A. Coleman, C. D. Jones, G. Dantlgraber, C. Tschierske, J. Watanabe, E. Körblova, D. M. Walba, J. E. Maclennan, M. A. Glaser , N. A. Clark. Science 24 Jul 2009: Vol. 325, Issue 5939, pp. 452-456 DOI: A variety of simple...

model cartoon

Microtubule depolymerization by the kinesin-8 motor Kip3p: a mathematical model

April 30, 2009

Proteins from the kinesin-8 family promote microtubule depolymerization, a process thought to be important for the control of microtubule length in living cells.

Thumbnail image from Hough et al. 2007 PRL

Optical Activity Produced by Layer Chirality in Bent-Core Liquid Crystals

Jan. 19, 2007

Loren E. Hough, Chenhui Zhu, Michi Nakata, Nattaporn Chattham, Gert Dantlgraber, Carsten Tschierske, and Noel A. Clark (2007). Phys. Rev. Lett. 98 , 037802. DOI: Large optical activity has recently been observed in chiral smectic liquid crystalline phases formed from achiral bent-core molecules. The origin of the optical activity...

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Phantom Nanoparticles as Probes of Biomolecular Interactions

July 28, 2006

Prosperi, D. , Morasso, C. , Mantegazza, F. , Buscaglia, M. , Hough, L. and Bellini, T. (2006). Small, 2: 1060-1067. doi: 10.1002/smll.200600106 A new light‐scattering‐based method to detect molecular interactions at the surface of low‐refractive‐index nanoparticles was recently proposed. Water‐dispersed nanoparticles functionalized with receptors typical of immature bacteria cell...