Benjamin Kultgen

Hellems 15

MW 12:00-1:30pm

Teaching in Spring 19: PHIL 1100 sec 100, PHIL 2220 sec 001

I received my PhD in philosophy at the University of Colorado and my AB in philosophy from Harvard University.  I defended my dissertation in the fall of 2018. My primary areas of research are Ethics and Metaphysics, though I have wide ranging philosophical interests generally.

My dissertation was composed of a series of essays on vagueness, ethics, and their intersection. My dissertation committee members were Graham Oddie (chair), Michael Huemer, Chris Heathwood, and Ned Hall (Harvard).

I enjoy teaching on a wide variety of topics, in many areas of philosophy. In AY 16-17 I was awarded the University of Colorado Graduate Teaching Excellence Award, which is the highest possible distinction for a graduate instructor at CU. In AY 17-18 I was awarded the philosophy department's Morriston Teaching Award.

Please see my CV, and website: