Daniel Coren

Currently Visiting Assistant Professor at McMaster University (2019-2021)


I was raised in Toronto. As a proud Canadian I frequently apologize for that.


My research focuses on historical (especially ancient) and contemporary accounts of agency and moral responsibility.

For more information, see Daniel's web site: danielcoren.wordpress.com.

Selected papers:

  • "Zooming irresponsibly down the slippery slope" (forthcoming in Analysis)
  • "Resentment, Parenting, and Strawson's Compatibilism" (forthcoming in Erkenntnis)
  • "Aristotle on Motion in Incomplete Animals" (Apeiron, 2020)
  • "Neither Pardon Nor Blame" (Analytic Philosophy, 2020)
  • "Aristotle Against (Unqualified) Self-Motion" (Ancient Philosophy, 2019)
  • "Evaluating Epistemic Virtues" (Synthese, 2019)
  • "Testing for Intrinsic Value" (Inquiry, 2019)
  • "Epistemic Conservatism and Bare Beliefs" (Synthese, 2018)