Alex Wolf-Root

Hellems 15

W 12:45-2:45

Teaching in Spring ‘20: PHL 2160 – Ethics and Information Technology


After years of playing with more “standard” issues in analytic metaphysics – time-travel, concrete talking donkeys, individuals & properties, those sorts of things – I’ve found my niche in the philosophy of sport and games. My dissertation – defense planned for February 7th, 2020 – is still broadly metaphysical, but it’s in the metaphysics of sport and games. In it I investigate conceptual issues such as playing a game, being part of a game, and doping


Beyond metaphysical issues, I’m interested in applied ethics of sport and games. I designed a new “Philosophy and Sports” course for CU, and through it have had the opportunity to engage with students about a range of important contemporary issues in sport, from athletes using their platform for political purposes to gender inequality. And as a former college athlete (albeit a bad one, in a “non-revenue” sport, at a “Mid-Major”), I have a special passion for issues of college sports. As central as college sports are to so many of us, the status quo is simply unacceptable.


Outside of sport and games (though issues there connect everywhere!), I’m interested in ethical issues connected to our “criminal justice” system and advancements in technology. Last semester (F’19) I had the opportunity to teach a course on Philosophy and Law, and this semester (S’20) I’ll get to teach Ethics and Information Technology (the perfect course for a proud flip-phone owner to teach).


Putting ethics into action, I’m a proud organizer for the Committee on Rights and Compensation, the graduate labor organization at CU Boulder. More personally, my major passion is running. I’ve competed at the HS, NCAA, and post-collegiate level, racing from 800m to the marathon.


For my CV, publications, and a bit more, click through to my website here.