Daniel Coren

Hellems 15

F 1:30-3:00pm

I was raised in Toronto. As a proud Canadian I frequently apologize for that.


My research areas are ancient philosophy and contemporary ethics. My dissertation is on a topic in ancient science, specifically, Aristotle’s account of non-human self-motion. I’m also interested in Aristotle and Plato’s accounts of human emotions. In contemporary ethics, I am interested in topics such as the connection between choice and moral responsibility, the situationism vs. virtue ethics debate, the demandingness objection, the role of desire-satisfaction in a good life, and pragmatism.


Below you can find records of my publications and teaching experience.

For more information, see Daniel's web site: danielcoren.wordpress.com.


  • “Aristotle on Self-Change in Plants” Conditional acceptance from Rhizomata 08/18/2018 (14,161 words)
  • "Freedom, Gratitude, and Resentment: Olivi and Strawson" Accepted for publication in Res Philosophica 09/04/2018 (10,071 words)
  • “Aristotle against (unqualified) self-motion: Physics VII 1 a241b35-242a49 / ß241b25-242a15” Accepted for publication in Ancient Philosophy 05/14/2018 (9,941 words)
  • “Making Sense of the Sentence: Aristotle’s EN 1094a18-22” Accepted for publication in the Journal of Philosophical Research 04/16/2018 (9,996 words)
  • “Always Choose to Live or Choose to Always Live” Accepted for publication in the Southwest Philosophy Review 01/27/2018 (7,153 words)
  • 2018. “Why Does Aristotle Defend the Principle of Non-Contradiction Against its Contrary?” The Philosophical Forum 49: 39-59.
  • 2018. “Alternate Possibilities and Moral Asymmetry.” Acta Analytica 33: 145-159.
  • 2017. “On Young’s Version of the Principle of Alternate Possibilities.” Philosophia: The Philosophical Quarterly of Israel 45: 585-594.
    • Response by G. Young, “A response to Coren’s objections to the principle of alternate possibilities as sufficient but not necessary for moral responsibility.” Philosophia: The Philosophical Quarterly of Israel 45: 1365-1380.
  • 2015. “Anthropocentric Biocentrism in a Hybrid.” Ethics and the Environment, 20 (2): 48-60.

 Teaching Experience: Instructor of Record

  • Augmester 2018 (08/06/2018-08/23/2018): Philosophy 3100, Ethical Theory (Colorado Boulder). Role: Instructor.
  • 01/2018-05/2018: Philosophy 1000, Introduction to Philosophy (Colorado Boulder). Role: Instructor.
  • 01/2017-05/2017: Philosophy 1000, Introduction to Philosophy (Colorado Boulder). Role: Instructor
  • 01/2016-05/2016: Philosophy 1010, Introduction to Western Philosophy: Ancient (Colorado Boulder). Role: Instructor.
  • 08/2015 – 12/2015: Philosophy 1020, Introduction to Western Philosophy: Modern (Colorado Boulder). Role: Instructor.