Benjamin Kultgen

Hellems 15

MW 12:00-1:30pm

I grew up in Colorado Springs and graduated with a BA in philosophy from Harvard College in 2008. After college I remained in Cambridge and worked for Robert Pozen (Senior Lecturer Harvard Business School, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute, Former SEC General Council), researching and editing his book on financial regulatory reform called, Too Big to Fail: How to Save the US Financial System. I also played guitar and sang in a band.  

I entered the PhD program at Boulder in 2011. My initial interests were in philosophy of mind and cognitive science. During my coursework I completed a graduate certificate in cognitive science. A seminar on indeterminancy got me interested in vagueness. My dissertation is a series of essays on the intersection of vagueness, ethics, and philosophic methodology.

Outside of philosophy I enjoy writing and playing music, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, sci-fi, indie rock, and supporting local drug/alcohol addiction recovery communities.

In AY 16-17 I was awarded the University of Colorado Graduate Teaching Excellence Award. This university-wide award is the highest distinction possible for a graduate instructor at CU. 

For more information please see my CV.