Hellems 15

MWF 12:00-1:50pm; and by appointment

I'm a Ph.D. student in philosophy here at CU. I have a master's degree in philosophy from Northern Illinois University and a bachelor's degree in women's studies from Columbia University. My research interests are primarily in ethics. 

My dissertation is on well-being. One of the most important and widely-held doctrines about well-being is that a person's good must in some way resonate with her. The common intuition is that a person's good must "suit" her, "fit" her, and not be "alien" to her. It is supposed to be mysterious, for example, how friendship could be good for a person who does not care to have any friendships. Such musings have led some philosophers to endorse internalism about prudential value, the view that a person's good must be suitably connected to her pro-attitudes. In my dissertation, I argue against various versions of internalism and show how an externalist theory of well-being can accommodate our intuitions about resonance. 

At other schools, I've taught Introduction to Humanities, Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, and Ethics & Society. I've also supervised two independent studies, one in ethics and the other in African-American studies. Here at CU, I've been a teaching assistant for PHIL 2440 Symbolic Logic (twice), PHIL/ENVS 3140 Environmental Ethics, and PHIL 3010 Modern Philosophy. 

Summer 2016, I'm teaching one section of PHIL 2440 Symbolic Logic during the Maymester, and Fall 2016, I'm teaching two sections of PHIL 2270 Philosophy of Race. 

I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. I'm married to Chasity and we have a one-year-old son named after me.