Alex Wolf-Root
Hellems 15
W 12:45-2:45, and by appointment
Teaching Spring 19: PHIL 2240 sec 001, 002
Originally planning on becoming a juvenile psychologist, Alex graduated from UC Davis with an AB in psychology and philosophy. After some years managing a small business, Alex came to CU Boulder where he earned his MA in philosophy, and is now working towards his PhD.
While he mostly worked in metaphysics in his earlier academic career, Alex has turned his primary focus to philosophical issues of sport and games. His research is currently focused on definitional questions involving key foundational concepts such as cheating, games, and playing a game. He is also interested in applied issues of sport, such as the status of doping, how sports and politics intertwine, and the connection between athletics and academics.
Outside of philosophy, Alex's main passion is running. He's competed at the HS, NCAA, and post-collegiate level, racing anywhere from 1,500m to the marathon.