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Must we care for the poor? Is redistribution of wealth problematic? Does everyone deserve health care? Is affirmative action permissible? Is it obligatory? Questions in social justice span the gamut, from international human rights to poverty, women, labor, disenfranchisement, voting rights, and freedom and liberty.


The Center enjoys a long tradition of work in this area, and began, in large part, as a locus of such research. James Nickel, who was the director of the Center from 1982 until 1986, focused most of his work on human rights. Since then, scholars at the Center have covered these topics widely. Issues covered by faculty members include the war on drugs, the use of prisoners for medical research, universal suffrage, affirmative action, gun control laws, ethical limitations of the market, citizenship requirements and immigration, and academic freedom.


The Center will be hosting a symposium on the topic of the use of prisoners and other vulnerable populations in medical research in the spring of 2008. Along with this, the 2004 Morris Colloquium was dedicated to citizenship questions.


Alison Jaggar has written numerous books and articles on feminist philosophy and social justice. Among many other publications, she is co-editor of Morality and Social Justice: Point Counter-point.

Claudia Mills has written several articles on the question of manipulation and coercion.

Benjamin Hale works primarily in the area of environmental policy and environmental ethics, though his interests also tap into matters of social justice. He has published academic and non-academic papers on surveillance technologies and politics. He is currently helping coordinate a conference on the use of prisoners for medical research.



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