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What is a poster and why are we holding poster sessions? 


A sizable number of academic disciplines hold poster sessions at their conferences.  A poster session requires an author to stand beside his or her poster as participants at the conference read and ask questions of the author.  A poster is very much a legitimate academic presentation, though as a format, it is uncommon in philosophy.  We are of the mind that poster presentations can sometimes be better than full talks, and at the very least, offer a suitable presentation format for philosophical arguments.  Our experience the last two years with the poster sessions was excellent.  We anticipate that it will be even better this year.
There are many available internet guides to designing and printing a poster, but at least some that may help orient you are here:  


In the recent past, some poster presenters have had success with this website, which offers easy poster templates and also will print your poster, for a fee:


Poster Presentations at RoME: Approx 80 minutes

Size: Approx. 36" x 48"


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Interested in sponsoring an event or a program?  Want to have your issue addressed by professional ethicists?  Consider a contribution to the Center.  For inquiries, suggestions, or donations, contact the Director at:


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