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How should one treat one’s parents? How should one treat one’s children? Should one even have children? For that matter, what exactly is a “traditional” family? And, is same-sex marriage morally permissible?


Applied ethicists often neglect such commonplace questions. At the Center for Values and Social Policy, we focus on many such issues, and over the course of an academic year, one can attend papers, presentations, and talks on related material. A significant number of Center faculty members have written influential books and essays on beginning and end of life questions. Several others work on the important questions that fall in between, addressing issues such as obligations to parents, the role of women in the family, childhood moral milestones, and so on.


When we are not asking and answering questions related to family ethics, we seek to provide access to philosophy for those outside of the University. We have philosophy outreach programs for the young and old: SPICO, POPCO, and PEPCO.


Our program for senior community members, PEPCO (Philosophy Elder Program of Colorado), seeks to offer rich philosophical discussions to dabblers in literature and philosophy. Although the program has been dormant for the past few years, the Center is actively seeking funding to reinvigorate the program.


SPICO (Summer Philosophy Institute of Colorado) and POPCO (Philosophy Outreach Program of Colorado), our two programs for a younger audience, continue to bring philosophy to introduce high school and middle school students to difficult philosophical questions at a college level. Read more about these programs here: SPICO or POPCO.




Claudia Mills is the author of more than 30 children's books. She writes on a wide range of topics in ethical theory, social and political philosophy, and applied ethics, as well as on philosophical issues and themes in children's literature. Her current research interests are focused on ethical issues in children's literature and ethical issues in parenting/child-rearing.


David Boonin has published an article on the subject of same-sex marriage, is the author of a well-received book on abortion, and recently gave a Center talk asking whether one has been harmed by being born.

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