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spring 2005

All talks will be held from 12:00 to 12:50 in the Center/Morris Reading Room, Hellems 269. Everyone is welcome!


Friday, Feb. 3

Prof. Mike Huemer
"Absolute Deontology and the Problem of Risk"
Absolutists hold that there are some ways of harming others that are absolutely impermissible, that is, cannot be justified no matter what the benefits. Absolutists may then take one of three attitudes towards actions that impose a risk of harming others in these ways: either (a) all such actions are absolutely impermissible, (b) such actions are absolutely impermissible only when the probability of harm is 1, or (c) such actions become absolutely impermissible when the probability of harm exceeds some threshold strictly between 0 and 1. I show that each of these alternatives results in an implausible ethical theory.


Friday, Feb. 17
Prof. Bob Hanna
"Kantian Ethics De Re: On the Morality of Saving Others" Friday,


Feb. 24
Graduate student Julie Adeschenko
"Innocence and Guilt within the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"


Friday, March 17
Prof. Jackie Colby
"Stem Cell Research and Using 'Leftover' Embryos"


Friday, April 7
Graduate students Tony Smith and Scott Wisor
"Against Citizenship Requirements"


Friday, April 14
Prof. Graham Oddie
"What's So Bad About Being in Pain?"


Friday, April 21
Prof. Chris Heathwood
"Fitting Attitudes and Welfare"


Friday, April 28
Prof. Ben Hale
"Vegetarianism and Anorexia"



fall 2005


All talks will be held from 1:00 to 2:00 in the Center/Morris Reading Room, Hellems 269. Everyone is welcome!


Friday, September 2

Professor Alison Jaggar
"Susan Moller Okin and the Challenge of Essentialism"

Friday, September 9
Professor Michael Huemer
"A Problem for Deontological Rights Theories"

Friday, September 23
Professor Chris Heathwood
"Subjective Desire Satisfactionism"

Friday, September 30
Professor Claudia Mills
"Are There Morally Problematic Reasons for Having Children?"

Friday, October 7
Professor Graham Oddie
"The Perspectival Nature of Value Experiences"

Friday, October 14
Jens Johansson
"Non-Reductionism and Special Concern"

Friday, October 21
Tait Szabo
"Commodification of Human Transplant Organs"

Friday, October 29
Dr. John Harris
"Another Problem of Moral Standing"

Friday, November 4
Hye-Ryoung Kang
"Rethinking 'the Circumstances of Global Justice' in Non-Ideal Conditions"

Friday, November 11
Professor David Boonin
"Were You Harmed By Being Conceived?"

Friday, November 18
Dr. Eric Chwang

Friday, December 2
Professor Robert Hanna
"Climbing the Kantian Mountain: On Parfait's Current Research Project"



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