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Main Program Papers


1. Selim Berker (Harvard):
Can Normative Conclusions be Wrung from Neural Bases?

2. David Rhys Birks (Manchester):
“Well-being, Schizophrenia, and Experience Machines”

3. Ben Bradley (Syracuse):
Analyzing Harm

4. Helena de Bres (Wellesley):
The Many, Not the Few: Pluralism about Global Distributive Justice

5. John Brunero (Missouri-Saint Louis):
Rational Intentions: A Unified Account

6. Alan Carter (Glasgow):
A Solution to the Purported Non-Transitivity of Normative Evaluation

7. Michael Cholbi (CSPU-Pomona):
Kant and Moral Dilemmas

8. Thomas Christiano (Arizona):
Is there a Human Right to Democracy?

9. Randolph Clarke (Florida State):
Because She Wanted To

10. Daniel Cohen (U Miami):
“Love, Friendship, and Well-Being: A Reply to the 'Moral Schizophrenia' Argument against Modern Ethical Theories”

11. Christian Coons (Bowling Green):
How to Prove that Some Acts are Right or Wrong (Without Using Substantive Moral Assumptions)

12. Eva Dadlez (Central Oklahoma) and William L. Andrews (Central Oklahoma):
“Spinning the Harm Principle”

13. Dale Dorsey (Kansas):
What is Instrumental Value?

14. Mathieu Doucet (Queen’s University):
What’s Wrong with Hypocrisy?

15. Mylan Engel Jr. (Northern Illinois):
Ethics without a Net: How to do Practical Ethics without a Moral Theory

16. Ryan Fanselow (Maryland):
“Dogmatism and Reflective Equilibrium”

17. Michael Ferry (Spring Hill College):
Does Morality Demand our Very Best? On Moral Prescriptions and the Line of Duty

18. Steve Finlay (U of Southern California):
Metaethical Contextualism Defended

19. Richard Galvin (Texas Christian) and John Harris (Texas Christian):
“Pass the Cocoamone, Please": Causal Impotence, Opportunistic Vegetarianism and Act-Utilitarianism”

20. Jon Garthoff (Northwestern):
Meriting Concern and Meriting Respect

21. Jyl Gentzler (Amherst College):
On the Track of the Good Life: An Objectivist, Reductionist Account of What We Ought to Do

22. Margaret Gilbert (UC-Irvine):

“Giving Claim Rights Their Due”

23. Elizabeth Harman (Princeton):
'I'll Be Glad I Did It' Reasoning and the Significance of Future Desires

24. Elisa Hurley (Western Ontario) and Coleen Macnamara (UC-Riverside):
Toward a Theory of Reactive Attitudes

25. Stan Husi (Rice):
Promising—A Practice and Nothing More?

26. Andrew Johnson (Missouri State):
The Trouble with Kant’s Humanity Formula

27. Andrew Jordan (U Washington):
Virtues, Particularism, and Reasons for Action

28. Paul Katsafanas (New Mexico):

Activity and Passivity in Reflective Agency

29. Daniel Kelly (Purdue):
The Ethics of Disgust

30. Brent Kious (UCLA):
Impermissibility, Consent, Coercion

31. Charlie Kurth (UCSD):
Fashion Models and Moral Realists

32. Christian Lee (CU-Boulder):
Grounding Evaluative Properties

33. Clayton Littlejohn (UT-San Antonio):
Psychologism Strikes Back (and Out)

34. Kris McDaniel (Syracuse):
The Metaphysics of Axiology and the Welfare of Animals

35. Jonas Olson (Stockholm):
In Defense of Moral Error Theory

36. Martin Peterson (Technical University of Eindhoven):
A Computer Simulation of the Argument from Disagreement

37. Matt Pianalto (Truman State):
Moral Conviction & Character

38. Matjaž Potrč and Vojko Strahovnik (U Ljubljana, Slovenia):
The Meinongian Theory of Moral Judgments

39. Ryan Preston (UNC-Chapel Hill):

Faith in Humanity

40. Jason Raibley (CSU-Long Beach):
Health and Well Being

41. Rebecca Reilly-Cooper (Manchester):

“The Role of Emotions in Democratic Deliberation”

42. Mark van Roojen (Nebraska-Lincoln):
Moral Intuitionism, Experiments and Skeptical Arguments

43. Brook Sadler (U South Florida):
Shared Intentions and the Kingdom of Ends

44. Jeff Sebo (NYU):
The Personal is Political

45. Hanoch Sheinman (Rice):
“The Priority of Practice”

46. Saul Smilansky (Haifa):
How Repugnant is the Repugnant Conclusion? A Reply to Michael Huemer

47. Matthew Noah Smith (Yale):
The fact-sensitivity of political principles

48. Caj Strandberg (UNC-Chapel Hill):
An Internalist Dilemma

49. Jussi Suikkanen (Leeds):
Act Consequentialism and Options

50. Sharon Sytsma (Northern Illinois):
“The ‘Best and Most Irrefutable’ Ethical Internalism”

51. Sergio Tenenbaum (Toronto):
Intention and Commitment

52. Mike Valdman (Virginia Commonwealth University):
The Deep Problem with Voluntaristic Theories of Political Obligation

53. Helga Varden (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign):
The Priority of Rightful Care to Virtuous Care: A Kantian Critique of the Care Tradition

54. Manuel Vargas (U San Francisco):

“Desert and Moral Responsibility”

55. Justin Weinberg (South Carolina):
Capability Satisficing: Doing Enough for Future People

56. Henry West (Macalester):
Value Realism and Moral Constructivism

57. Eric Wielenberg (DePauw):
On the Evolutionary Debunking of Morality

58. Reginald Williams (Bakersfield College):
Global Poverty: A Long-Term Approach

59. Christopher Woodard (U Nottingham):
The Common Structure of Kantianism and Act

60. Fiona Woollard (U Sheffield):
A Defence of the Doctrine of Doing and Allowing



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