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Center for Values and Social Policy
Mission Statement and Programs

The Center for Values and Social Policy was founded in 1980 in order to bring the resources of philosophical analysis to bear on matters of social philosophy. The Philosophy Department, through the Center, offers B.A, M.A., and Ph.D. degrees with a concentration in values and social policy. These programs are designed to help students acquire both the philosophical skills and the broad understanding of public issues required to participate effectively in policy discussions and social research. The Center also conducts reasearch; sponsors lectures, conferences, and a visiting fellows program; publishes working papers and a newsletter; and collaborates with professionals from other departments and institutions. The concerns of the Center include both theoretical and applied topics in moral, social, political, and legal philosophy.

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Arts

The B.A. requires 30 hours in philosophy and 15 hours in allied fields. With the help of an advisor, each student selects an area of specialization such as environmental policy, medical ethics, or philosophy and women. A course schedule is then designed around this specialization. Some of the undergraduate courses in values and social policy that the Center offers are Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, and Marxism. For a complete list of the courses being offered in the current or coming semester, please refer to the Center Courses section of the Center Home Page.

Graduate Degrees

The M.A. and Ph.D. are designed to combine broad philosophical training and a focus in values and social policy. The M.A. program requires satisfaction of minimum background requirements in philosophy, a logic requirement, 30 hours of graduate study, a thesis, and (when appropriate) an internship.

The Ph.D. program requires 45 hours of graduate study, satisfaction of a logic requirement, a language exam, the fulfillmemnt of course distribution requirements in ethics, the history of philosophy, and metaphysics and epistemology, and a dissertation.

Recent theses and dissertations have been on a variety of topics including the notion of informed consent, the concept of wilderness, Native American views of property, the social construction of "trash," poverty, and ecofeminism.

Center graduate courses include Philosophy and Social Policy, Environmental Philosophy, Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Bioethics and Health Policy and Professional Ethics. For a list of current and upcoming courses, refer to the Center Courses section on the Center Home Page.

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